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How to spell GEANS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "geans", don't fret! The correct spelling you might be looking for is "genes". Perhaps you meant to refer to the fundamental units of heredity. Remember, spell checkers can be reliable allies in catching these minor slips. Keep practicing, and your typing skills will improve!

List of suggestions on how to spell geans correctly

  • beans I cooked a pot of beans for dinner.
  • deans The deans of the faculties held a meeting to discuss the new admission policy.
  • gears The bicycle was unable to move because the gears were jammed.
  • gens The term "gens" refers to a group of people who share a common ancestor.
  • glans The glans is highly sensitive and contains many nerve endings.
  • gleans The farmer gleans the crops from his field.
  • grans I am so excited to visit my grans and spend time with them during the holidays.
  • jeans I bought a new pair of jeans for the party tonight.
  • leans She always leans on him for support during tough times.
  • means Going to college means pursuing higher education and earning a degree.
  • weans The mother cow weans her calf after several months of feeding it milk.

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