How to spell GEKO correctly?

We think the word geko is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell geko correctly

  • BIKO A perp walked away with a biko after he talked his victim into giving up her purse.
  • ECO In order to reduce carbon emissions, many people are turning to ECO methods.
  • Eek I was scared when I saw the eek of the animal.
  • ego His ego was so inflated that he believed he could do no wrong.
  • Eke I can't believe I slept through Eke's alarm.
  • ekg I had an ekg done to rule out a heart attack.
  • GAO The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is responsible for auditing and evaluating government programs and activities to ensure they are efficient and effective.
  • ge Bob geamed the team in on his strategy.
  • gear I put my gear back on.
  • gecko I heard a gecko on the roof.
  • Ged Ged is one of the many Celtic deities.
  • gee " Gee, I didn't expect such a large crowd at the concert.
  • Geed
  • geek My brother is a total tech geek, always tinkering with gadgets and coding programs late into the night.
  • Geeks Geeks are known for their extensive knowledge and passion for various topics.
  • geeky He wore a pair of thick-rimmed, geeky glasses that accentuated his love of all things tech.
  • GEES I have a gees problem.
  • gel I need to buy more hair gel.
  • gem The ring was exquisitely made from a single gem.
  • gen "Scientists have discovered that a mutation in the gen responsible for producing a certain protein is linked to the development of cancer.
  • Gena I met Gena at the park yesterday.
  • gene The scientist discovered a new gene that is responsible for the growth of certain types of cancer.
  • genoa The Genoa Bridge connects the city of Genoa, Italy to the city of Liguria.
  • GEO I'm looking for a Geo subject for my next project.
  • GEOG People in the GEOG field study the earth's physical, chemical, and biological features.
  • GER The German word for "bread" is "brot".
  • Gere
  • germ I washed my hands to avoid getting sick.
  • get Mommy needs to get me a ice cream when we get home from the park.
  • gigo This peculiar looking fruit is called a gogo.
  • Gino After Giovanni's death, Gino became the family's unofficial chef.
  • giro I am going to the bank to deposit a giros check that I received in the mail.
  • GK
  • go No one is going to the store without buying anything.
  • goo The slime was made of a thick goo that stuck to everything it touched.
  • GPO The Government Printing Office (GPO) is responsible for producing and distributing official federal government documents.
  • gyro I love eating gyro sandwiches for lunch.
  • keno
  • ko
  • Lego I love playing with Lego sets and building amazing creations.
  • MEGO She always uses MEGO phrases.
  • peke The baby puked all over the floor.
  • pekoe This cup of tea is scented with pekoe, a kind of tea ceremony essential.
  • Seiko I just bought a new Seiko watch and it looks great on my wrist.
  • tko Despite being heavy underdogs, the boxer delivered a stunning TKO in the third round of the fight.
  • Yoko Saying goodbye to Yoko felt like losing a loved one.
  • Zeke Zeke had a clown for a best friend.

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