Correct spelling for GENERELLY

We think the word generelly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for generelly

  • Generality
  • There are some few out of a herd of a hundred who will grow fat upon anything, but the generality will not improve to any great degree.

  • Genteelly
  • He acknowledged that with what his wife had, and the business he followed, he might have lived very genteelly in the country; that he had not indeed, been very prudent in the management of his affairs; however, it was no necessity that forced him on the base and wicked act for which he died, the sole cause of his committing which was, as he solemnly protested, the repeated solicitations of king, the wagoner, who for a considerable time before represented the attempt to him as a thing no way dangerous in itself, and which would bring him a very large sum of ready money.

  • General
  • In general, no doubt, you live a great deal better.

  • Generously
  • "very muddy," interposed mr carlyle generously.

  • Genially
  • Champney lifted his hat, nodded genially to courtland, and disappeared below the cypresses on the slope.

  • Generally
  • Whatever subject was started it generally wound round to captain hibbert.

  • Generals
  • Most of the commanding generals have, however, advanced headquarters, considerably nearer the front, where they usually remain during important actions.

  • Generically
  • In england the term "mushroom" has been most commonly applied to the "meadow mushroom," that being the one best known; but english-speaking mycologists now apply it generically very much as the french do the term "champignon," while the name "champignon" is restricted in england to the marasmius oreades, or "fairy ring" mushroom.

153 words made from the letters generelly

3 letter words made from generelly:

yen, ern, lee, nee, ney, ell, erg, gel, leg, ler, eeg, gee, eel, ene, rye, enl, ley, eye, gen, lye.

4 letter words made from generelly:

grey, elee, reny, leel, erne, eeny, enyl, glen, reel, yele, engy, gyre, gene, eely, enel, reeg, lele, gyel, lnge, llyn, erny, reye, neel, leer, eley, rege, rely, egly, ryne, reen, leyl, ngee, ryle, lery, yeng, gnel, glee, rlly, gyll, ryll, yell, egen, lger, gell, lely, eery, llyr, lyre, nele.

5 letter words made from generelly:

gelre, green, erney, lenel, eglee, grell, renge, egley, gener, elegy, genre, gelle, greel, yelle, gelee, gerne, lynge, legen, elley, lener, relly, geely, gerle, leyne, nlgel, reege, lenge, lrene, leyen, neyer, gelly, egler, reell, leger, yeren, eyler, enger, erlen, negre, ergle, egner, ergen, leery, ernle, neger, llerg.

6 letter words made from generelly:

greyen, engell, leyner, gyrene, geller, lengel, leglen, energy, yeller, legere, greeny, engler, grelle, legree, grylle, ygerne, regney, legler, lengle, greene, negley, yellen, neller, genere, renege, geleen, enyele, neeley, nellee, rengel, ellner.

7 letter words made from generelly:

greeley, greenly, gellner, gyllene, lengyel, grenell, reynell.