Correct spelling for GENRATION

We think the word genration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for genration

  • Degeneration
  • "i have tried it, madame," said the same speaker, who had mourned over the degeneration of finish among the workwomen.

  • Generation
  • Before the last man of those living to-day had gone by another generation would have grown up.

  • Generational
  • Cohort (military unit), the basic tactical unit of a roman legion cohort (statistics), a group of subjects with a common defining characteristic, for example age group cohort (taxonomy), in biology, one of the taxonomic ranks cohort study, a form of longitudinal study used in medicine and social science cohort studios, a video game development company generational cohort, an aggregation of individuals who experience the same event within the same time interval cohort (floating point), a set of different encodings of the same numerical value

  • Gyration
  • Veneration
  • Carnation
  • It is a green carnation; and i want a natural blossom to wear in my heart.

  • Generations
  • Of these, the one who ruled first, named semiramis, who lived five generations before the other, produced banks of earth in the plain which are a sight worth seeing; and before this the river used to flood like a sea over the whole plain.

  • Regeneration
  • Gentian
  • 2. tonics to keep up the appetite like gentian, nux vomica or quinine may be given.

  • Rankouts
  • Generating
  • If, then, the wheels are of small diameter, as say, less than 12 inches in diameter, and precision is required, it is best to turn in the lathe wooden disks representing in their diameters the base and generating circles.

599 words made from the letters genration

5 letter words made from genration:

arent, egnor, irate, narin, graet, ngati, naing, gerin, gaite, giner, nagri, inner, einon, gerti, entia, argon, angio, artio, gater, intar, gante, egton, etrog, grito, ingen, atoni, ganor, groan, angon, ngern, engro, negri, anger, itera, niang, ganon, genin, anine, etgar, netra, negar, eiron, etang, entin, nagin, grita, agito, egnot, aiton, grani, goria, agori, genoa, etian, gorni, ergin, ergot, einat, inter, arone, ertan, agren, artin, ianto, intan, nieto, groat, gonen, anino, geton, nigar, naito, neang, egion, ingra, angei, anter, agent, goier, neato, giano, areni, erato, intro, gotan, great, giren, iatro, natin, iarge, aegon, aitor, irena, grone, geant, inger, nigra, aegir, nanri, anner, erion, grano, intoe, gorit, atong, eagon, nario, ariot, anion, gator, goian, goner, ingot, eatin, genri, negot, nerio, griet, grant, naret, groin, itoen, gotra, gonne, nanto, grean, genon, gaint, ignat, groen, giant, aneto, earnt, getin, erian, anong, ngoni, ennog, inane, gnant, grine, inano, ainge, ering, agnon, nigon, garet, niger, irone, agone, iorga, giron, angre, eigon, inert, arine, ieong, grein, ngari, garni, argei, naron, agner, atrio, ganoe, ngota, nager, negra, argot, gorai, gitar, iater, anier, grate, negro, gonin, negai, gonia, anigo, niane, natio, narni, griot, grain, niner, goten, intra, ngaio, garno, atone, genro, angin, ganne, ating, ation, negin, giora, grian, atire, ennio.

4 letter words made from genration:

iran, narn, raie, inga, anio, eang, oena, nine, rigo, tire, reno, gain, igon, nori, taro, eoan, agni, geta, nong, oita, aire, onen, inge, reni, iten, giro, nero, itno, gonn, egoi, raio, nato, neon, tean, gnat, ante, iota, toer, girt, nget, rote, toge, reit, rain, oger, toga, gean, ento, riga, rein, noer, goat, torg, gent, near, rant, tera, riot, gate, roen, ngae, aeon, aero, ogie, gorn, onge, orne, noir, agno, gion, treo, ogin, engi, gaon, tang, eira, tear, neat, anti, nano, tero, tarn, tare, grit, goti, rani, nrna, argo, nega, note, egna, igno, rogi, tian, orge, arno, geto, tine, ogre, gnrn, none, nina, gait, tier, tiao, nian, rago, tone, goit, inoa, noen, gear, roig, ragi, iton, gona, taon, iago, earn, iong, taei, tern, igoe, ogea, tiro, nagi, gaen, orga, rate, ogae, gran, oreg, grin, nito, reti, rano, rite, nige, ergo, areo, egin, toea, torn, rent, egri, gore, ning, goer, gort, roga, trio, oeta, togi, gati, norn, trna, erni, orte, onni, roan, oate, oran, orti, gone, airt, tore, taig, nego, ring, gaio, rega, iora, rota, grot, onne, tion, gien, ogan, nein, gato, ting, ngon, toei, trei, ngoi, gari, rage, iron, nona, naor, goan, agio, trig, etna.

3 letter words made from genration:

iga, are, ant, eat, era, oar, ire, ton, tor, ira, one, rit, nag, ert, ion, rot, tao, tar, ige, toe, gin, age, not, nne, tie, art, ain, inn, ear, net, nit, ern, ore, tan, goa, ani, ent, ate, ret, get, ane, erg, neo, tai, nan, gen, ter, tia, rio, nig, nog, tea, ron, ego, gar, ten, rna, rag, ago, eta, gat, oat, rig, tri, teg, tin, eon, tog, roe, air, tag, rat.