Correct spelling for GEREATE

We think the word gereate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for gereate

  • Generate
  • It's primary: appointed, like the flower, to generate the fruit, and then to go.

  • Greta
  • She provided for them all, and greta grew up into a pretty and well-bred young lady.

  • Grade
  • In other places along a comparatively level slope, or down grade, sunger would make up for lost time.

  • Crate
  • Was vee doin' the spy act on belcher, watchin' him open the store and spendin' the forenoon concealed in a crockery crate or something?

  • Recreate
  • Various poets have caught up scraps of folk-song and woven them into their verse; but nowhere else has a poet of the people appeared with such a rare combination of original genius and sympathetic feeling for the tone and accent of the popular muse, as enabled burns to recreate scottish song.

  • Create
  • They did not create that machinery.

  • Greats
  • This indeed seems to be the country of the greats and the grands.

  • Great
  • Great, don't you think?"

  • Groat
  • "not a groat, sir! which ain't to be wondered at when you consider as you've rose me twice since you dropped in for this here fortun'-not a stiver, sir!"

  • Gyrate
  • Augmented triangular prisms augmented pentagonal and hexagonal prisms augmented dodecahedra diminished icosahedra augmented truncated tetrahedron and truncated cubes augmented truncated dodecahedra gyrate rhombicosidodecahedra diminished rhombicosidodecahedra snub antiprisms the snub antiprisms can be constructed as an alternation of a truncated antiprism.

  • Greet
  • Everybody seemed to know and greet him with cordial readiness of hand.

  • Crete
  • Shortly after they had received this reinforcement, their king, areus, arrived from crete with two thousand men.

  • Greater
  • Indeed i have found help, greater or less, in more books than i can name here.

  • Greeter
  • He installed a longtime employee named "calico fred" noller as resident caretaker and official greeter.

  • Grate
  • The fire in the grate sank lower and lower.

  • Grater
  • Others bore the titles and arms of the owner and it was considered as part of a courtier's outfit to sport a magnificent box and grater.

81 words made from the letters gereate

5 letter words made from gereate:

etree, gater, agree, reate, egret, etgar, graet, eater, eagre, gerea, great, greet, geter, eager, ratee, teare, ragee, teera, retag, tegra, getae, arete, egert, tegea, agere, etage, reege, aegre, tager, geert, garet, grate, aegee.

3 letter words made from gereate:

ert, erg, age, tee, art, get, teg, eeg, gee, gar, tag, tar, eta, ter, ear, ate, rag, ret, era, eat, rat, tea, gat, are.

4 letter words made from gereate:

rage, eter, tare, gate, reeg, geta, tera, eega, tear, rega, rate, rete, taee, etre, rege, tree, gear.

6 letter words made from gereate:

geeter, teeger, greate, greete, taeger, ergate.

7 letter words made from gereate: