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How to spell GESTE correctly?

If you are trying to spell "geste" correctly, here are a few suggestions: "guest", "jest", "get", "gesture" or "gest". Paying attention to the context can help you choose the most appropriate option.

List of suggestions on how to spell geste correctly

  • best
  • caste In India, people are often discriminated against based on their caste.
  • est
  • ester The ester produced from this acid and base will react violently.
  • Fest I'm planning to join the Fest tonight.
  • fester The wound starts to fester and the infection sets in.
  • gate I closed the gate behind me as I entered the backyard.
  • Geese There were geese swimming in the lake.
  • gent He was always a gentleman, a true gent to the end.
  • geode Inside the geode was a small room with a small bed and a small desk.
  • gestate
  • gesture I made a very small gesture to thank the waiter for bringing my drink.
  • get
  • gets
  • getty
  • gist putting the gist of the meeting in a memo.
  • Gite
  • GTE I'm a GTE customer.
  • guest Todd was a guest at the party.
  • guested
  • guests The guests arrived just in time for dinner.
  • gust I felt a gust of wind blow through the open window.
  • gusted The wind gusted violently, pulling the branches in its path.
  • gusto She ate her favorite dish with gusto.
  • gusts The wind gusts around the corner and slams the door shut.
  • gusty The gusty winds made it difficult to walk straight.
  • Hester Hester is a charming young woman.
  • Jesse In the movie "Jesse James," Jesse was a criminal who was eventually caught and killed by the law.
  • jest
  • Jested
  • jester The jester had a very peculiar way of speaking.
  • jests Annoying jests kept popping into my head.
  • lest I had to study hard lest I fail the exam.
  • Lester I Lester found the guitar I was looking for.
  • nest The robin built a small nest in the nearby tree.
  • pest
  • pester Can we pester the chef for the recipe?
  • rest After struggling to make any headway on her work, she decided to take a little rest.
  • STE
  • test I have a test tomorrow in math.
  • tester My tester said it was too hot.
  • vest I can't believe he called me a 'vest.
  • west
  • Yest I'll see you tomorrow, Yest.
  • zest I added some lemon zest to the pasta for extra flavor.

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