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How to spell GESTER correctly?

If you meant to type "gesture", then here are some suggestions for correcting the misspelling: double-check your typing, use spell check or proofread your work. Alternatively, you can use a synonym like "signal" or "sign."

List of suggestions on how to spell gester correctly

  • aster The bright yellow aster flowers bloomed in the mid-summer heat.
  • caster I need a caster for the wheel of my office chair.
  • chester I live in Chester, a beautiful city in northwest England.
  • custer
  • dexter Dexter was known for his exceptional skill in painting portraits.
  • easter We celebrate Easter every year in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • ester The fragrance of the lotion came from the ester present in the formula.
  • fester If left untreated, even a small cut can fester and turn into an infection.
  • gaiter The gaiter caught on the hook and did not release.
  • Gamester The gamester couldn't resist placing another bet despite his mounting losses.
  • garter One girl slipped her garter off her thigh and let it dangle between her legs.
  • gasser
  • geezer My grandpa is a real geezer.
  • gesture She gave a subtle gesture of recognition.
  • geyser
  • glister The snow was so white that it made the trees glister in the sunlight.
  • goiter The patient was diagnosed with a goiter due to enlargement of the thyroid gland.
  • greater I think the greater concern should be the safety of our students.
  • greeter The new employee was hired as a greeter for the store, and his friendly smile and warm welcome brought in many new customers.
  • guesser As a guesser, I often try to predict the outcome of a coin flip.
  • guested Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the musicians never guested on the talk show as planned.
  • gusted The wind gusted so strongly that it knocked over a tree.
  • gustier I can't eat that Gustier!
  • gutter The water flowed down the gutter during the rainstorm.
  • Hester I am Hester, Queen of the May.
  • Jested Jested is a dominant landmark in northern Bohemia that features a striking TV tower, which also serves as a hotel and restaurant.
  • jester She was the jester of the court.
  • jesters Some jesters wear masks to hide their identity, while others wear brightly colored clothes and accessories to stand out.
  • Lester Lester is a dedicated worker who is always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • pester
  • setter As a setter in volleyball, she was responsible for creating opportunities for her team to score.
  • tester The software company hired a tester to ensure that their products are properly functioning before releasing them.
  • testier I became testier with each unwarranted question.

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