How to spell GFOR correctly?

We think the word gfor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell gfor correctly

  • afar I saw a bright light in the distance, as if a star were shining down on me from afar.
  • CFO The company's CFO was responsible for managing the financial operations of the organization.
  • Cor
  • far I have never traveled that far from home before.
  • Fer
  • fir The Christmas tree was a beautiful fir that smelled like fresh pine.
  • foe My biggest foe in life is my own self-doubt.
  • fog The thick fog made it difficult for the driver to see the road ahead.
  • FOO
  • fork I need to grab a fork to eat this pasta.
  • four There are four different colors in the box.
  • fur The cat's fur was so soft that it felt like silk.
  • GAO The GAO is responsible for auditing and evaluating government programs to ensure they are effective and efficient.
  • gar
  • gator The gator was sunning itself on the river bank.
  • gear I need to buy new cycling gear before the weekend race.
  • GEO The prefix "geo" means earth or relating to the earth.
  • GEOG
  • GER The instructor mentioned that the GER Test is coming up.
  • glow The stars in the sky were so bright, I could barely see the glow of the city below.
  • go We need to go now.
  • goa I am going to Goa this weekend.
  • gob I told him off for being a gob.
  • god I really need to talk to my god about this situation.
  • goer She's not really a movie goer, but she'll come with us tonight.
  • gofer Frankie was assigned to gofer for her boss.
  • Gog King Gog of Magog stirs up trouble on the shores of the Eastern Sea.
  • goo She poured black goo all over the white curtains.
  • good
  • goof I was going to make her a honey goof, but then I realized she already has a honey.
  • goon The goon approached me with an intimidating look on his face.
  • goop He used goop to clean off the gun.
  • gop The GOP candidate won the election.
  • gore It is recommended to cover up your wounds to avoid excessive gore.
  • GORP I'm going to Gorp my food tonight.
  • gory Frankenstein's gory corpses made the scientist sick.
  • Got The police got the suspect without incident.
  • GOV GOV is a common abbreviation used for the word "government".
  • GPO The Government Printing Office is agovernment agency responsible for printing official documents.
  • GR Igor drove his Groovy Retrovette.
  • grow The plants in the garden will grow bigger with regular watering and fertilizer.
  • ufo I always get a funny feeling when I see an UFO.

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