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How to spell GHARD correctly?

The misspelling "ghard" could possibly be corrected to "guard" or "gourd". Depending on the context, it may also be possible that the intended word is "yard", "hard" or "card". When in doubt, consulting a dictionary or utilizing spell-check can help ensure proper spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell ghard correctly

  • bard The bard enchanted the audience with his beautiful poetry.
  • card I need to get a birthday card for my friend's party tonight.
  • chad Chad punched the wall in frustration.
  • chard She pulled out a chard from her garden.
  • gad I forgot my gad at home and now I can't measure these dimensions.
  • gar
  • garb I was wearing my best garb to impress her.
  • GARS Gars are long, slender fish that are known for their sharp teeth.
  • gary
  • GAWD
  • gear I need to replace my gear before the game.
  • geared The gears in the car were geared to go fast.
  • Gerard Gerard is the captain of the soccer team.
  • ghat After the holiness of a dip in the ghat, people offer prayer to the deity.
  • gird The workers had to gird themselves for the strenuous task ahead.
  • glad I am so glad that I decided to take that extra class; it has really paid off.
  • goad He tried to goad his sister into playing with him.
  • godard He was a noted film director who worked with Godard.
  • gourd I found a gourd at the farmers' market.
  • grad I am excited to attend my sister's grad ceremony this weekend.
  • guard I need to go to the guard station.
  • Guards I need guards for my new property.
  • Had The elephant had a headache.
  • hard I'm giving this project a hard time.
  • hardy The plants are hardy to cold temperatures.
  • hart The hart gracefully leaped over the fence and darted into the woods.
  • heard I heard a scream from down the street.
  • herd The shepherd led the herd of sheep down the hillside.
  • hoard My aunt has a hoard of vintage clothing stored in her attic.
  • lard I used lard instead of butter in my pie crust for a flakier texture.
  • shad My shad caught on some line in the reel.
  • shard I was able to retrieve a shard of the broken mirror.
  • Thad Igor has a degree in engineering from Thad University.
  • ward The patient was moved to the pediatric ward for specialized care.
  • yard The kids were playing soccer in the yard.

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