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How to spell GHAVE correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "ghave", it is essential to consider potential correct alternatives. "Gave" could be an accurate substitution, as it aligns with the past tense of the verb "give". Alternatively, "grave" or "heave" might be acceptable depending on the context. Always review before making a final decision.

List of suggestions on how to spell ghave correctly

  • agave The bartender used agave syrup to sweeten the margarita.
  • Ave
  • cave The explorers found a mysterious cave deep in the forest.
  • crave
  • Dave Dave is an excellent chess player.
  • EAVE The bird built its nest on the eave of the house.
  • FAVE "What's your fave restaurant in town?
  • gage
  • gale The gale was so strong that the window was blown out.
  • game I decided to play a game of chess with my brother.
  • gape
  • gate My car isn't getting through the gate.
  • Gave He gave her a priceless ring.
  • gavel The gavel signaled the end of the trial.
  • gaze As the sun set over the horizon, I couldn't help but gaze in awe at the stunning colors in the sky.
  • ghat The pilgrims took a dip in the holy river at the ghat before proceeding with their prayers.
  • ghee She used ghee to cook the vegetables.
  • give
  • glove I always wear a glove on my left hand when I play baseball.
  • grave The grave was freshly dug, the dirt still warm.
  • Graver The situation is graver than we thought.
  • gravy It always takes longer to make gravy than you think it will; it takes a lot of time to pass the roux.
  • grove I love to walk through the grove of trees near my house.
  • guava I love guava soda.
  • Gyve The Gyve attaches to the other side of the rope.
  • have
  • heave
  • hive The hive was incredibly busy buzzing with activity.
  • Hove In the town of Hove, there is a high street which runs from east to west.
  • lave We had to lave the dishes after dinner.
  • nave
  • pave The government plans to invest in infrastructure programs that will pave the way for economic growth.
  • phage One of the bacterial viruses that can infect human cells is the phage.
  • rave The music was so good at the rave last night, I danced until my feet hurt.
  • save I am going to save money for my future.
  • shave I need to shave my face before going to the party.
  • shaver My dad always forgets his electric shaver when he goes on vacation.
  • Sheave The sheave is a large beam that supports a Heavy Lift Vehicle while it is in motion.
  • wave

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