Correct spelling for GILLAIN

We think the word gillain is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for gillain

  • galling All this was galling to Leicester's pride and ambition, and did not tend to improve his relations with the States.
  • gillie " Gillie, Gillie!" shouted a stentorian voice at this point in the conversation.
  • glean
  • villain
  • Gillian " Gillian, I asked you a question," he began unsteadily.
  • Gulling
  • Golan
  • Jillian
  • Lillian
  • Gillion
  • gelling Ceratogyrus marshalli (Pocock, 1897) — Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the [Zimbabwean] Straight Horned Baboon Ceratogyrus meridionalis (Hirst, 1907) — Malawi, Mozambique, the [Malawian], Zimbabwe{an} Gray Baboon Ceratogyrus paulseni (Gallon, 2005) — Republic of South Africa Ceratogyrus pillansi (Purcell, 1902) — Zimbabwe, Mozambique Ceratogyrus sanderi (Strand, 1906) — Namibia, Zimbabwe, the [Namibian] Sandy Horned Baboon Eucratoscelus (Pocock, 1898) Type species: Eucratoscelus constrictus Transferred to other genera: Eucratoscelus tenuitibialis (Schmidt & Gelling, 2000) → Pterinochilus lugardi In synonymy: Eucratoscelus longiceps (Pocock, 1898) and Eucratoscelus spinifer = Eucratoscelus constrictus Eucratoscelus constrictus (Gerstäcker, 1873) — Kenya, Tanzania Eucratoscelus pachypus (Schmidt & Von Wirth, 1990) — Tanzania Harpactira (Ausserer, 1871) Type species: Harpactira atra Harpactira atra (Latreille, 1832) — South Africa Harpactira baviana (Purcell, 1903) — South Africa Harpactira cafreriana (Walckenaer, 1837) — South Africa Harpactira chrysogaster (Pocock, 1897) — South Africa Harpactira curator (Pocock, 1898) — South Africa Harpactira curvipes (Pocock, 1897) — South Africa Harpactira dictator (Purcell, 1902) — South Africa Harpactira gigas (Pocock, 1898) — South Africa Harpactira guttata (Strand, 1907) — South Africa Harpactira hamiltoni (Pocock, 1902) — South Africa Harpactira lineata (Pocock, 1897) — South Africa Harpactira lyrata (Simon, 1892) — South Africa Harpactira marksi (Purcell, 1902) — South Africa Harpactira namaquensis (Purcell, 1902) — Namibia, South Africa Harpactira pulchripes (Pocock, 1901) — South Africa, the [South African] Golden Blue Leg{ged} Baboon, Slate Gray Leg(ged) Baboon Harpactira tigrina (Ausserer, 1875) — South Africa Harpactirella (Purcell, 1902) [Senior synonym of Luphocemus {Denis, 1960}] Type species: Harpactirella treleaveni Transferred to other genera: Harpactirella flavipilosa (Lawrence, 1936) → Pterinochilus lugardi Harpactirella latithorax (Strand, 1908) → Euathlus vulpinus Harpactirella leleupi (Benoit, 1965) → Idiothele nigrofulva Harpactirella domicola (Purcell, 1903) — South Africa Harpactirella helenae (Purcell, 1903) — South Africa Harpactirella insidiosa (Denis, 1960) — Morocco (Dubious) Harpactirella karrooica (Purcell, 1902) — South Africa Harpactirella lapidaria (Purcell, 1908) — South Africa Harpactirella lightfooti (Purcell, 1902) — South Africa Harpactirella longipes (Purcell, 1902) — South Africa Harpactirella magna (Purcell, 1903) — South Africa Harpactirella overdijki' (Gallon, 2010) — South Africa Harpactirella schwarzi (Purcell, 1904) — South Africa Harpactirella spinosa (Purcell, 1908) — South Africa Harpactirella treleaveni (Purcell, 1902) — South Africa Idiothele (Hewitt, 1919) Type species: Idiothele nigrofulva In synonymy: Idiothele crassispina (Purcell, 1902) and Idiothele leleupi (Benoit, 1965) = Idiothele nigrofulva Idiothele mira (Gallon, 2010) - South Africa, the South African Blue Footed Trapdoor Baboon Idiothele nigrofulva (Pocock, 1898) — Southern Africa Pterinochilus (Pocock, 1897) [Senior synonym of Pterinochilides {Strand, 1920}] Type species: Pterinochilus vorax Transferred to other genera: Pterinochilus breyeri → Augacephalus breyeri Pterinochilus constrictus and Pterinochilus spinifer → Eucratoscelus constrictus Pterinochilus crassispinus and Pterinochilus nigrofulvus → Idiothele nigrofulva Pterinochilus junodi and Pterinochilus nigrifemur → Augacephalus junodi Pterinochilus meridionalis → Ceratogyrus meridionalis Pterinochilus schoenlandi → Trichognathella schoenlandi In synonymy: Pterinochilus affinis (Tullgren, 1910), Pterinochilus brunellii (Caporiacco, 1940), Pterinochilus carnivorus (Strand, 1917), Pterinochilus raptor (Strand, 1906), Pterinochilus raveni (Smith, 1990), Pterinochilus sjostedti (Tullgren, 1910), and Pterinochilus widenmanni (Strand, 1906) = Pterinochilus chordatus Pterinochilus flavipilosus (Lawrence, 1936), Pterinochilus pluridentatus (Hewitt, 1919), and Pterinochilus tenuitibialis = Pterinochilus lugardi Pterinochilus hindei (Hirst, 1907), Pterinochilus leetzi (Schmidt, 2002), and Pterinochilus mamillatus (Strand, 1906) = Pterinochilus murinus Pterinochilus mutus (Strand, 1920), Pterinochilus obenbergeri (Strand, 1920), and Pterinochilus occidentalis (Strand, 1920) = Pterinochilus simoni Pterinochilus alluaudi (Berland, 1914) — Kenya Pterinochilus andrewsmithi (Gallon, 2009) — Northwestern Kenya Pterinochilus chordatus (Gerstäcker, 1873) — East Africa, the Kilimanjaro Mustard Baboon Pterinochilus cryptus (Gallon, 2008) — Angola Pterinochilus lapalala (Gallon & Engelbrecht, 2011) — Waterberg mountains of Limpopo Province, South Africa Pterinochilus lugardi (Pocock, 1900) — Eastern and Southern Africa, the Dodoma Fort Hall Baboon Pterinochilus murinus (Pocock, 1897) — Angola, Central, Eastern, Southern Africa, the Usumbara Orange Baboon, Mombasa Golden Starburst [Baboon], "OBT" Pterinochilus raygabrieli (Gallon, 2009) — Southcentral Kenya Pterinochilus simoni (Berland, 1917) — Angola, Congo Pterinochilus vorax (Pocock, 1897) — Angola, Central, East Africa Trichognathella (Gallon, 2004) [Monotypic?
  • blood-soaked In spite of the heavy rain and notwithstanding the fact that deputies had preceded them, the committee found blood-soaked hats and hat bands and big brown spots of blood soaked into the cement roadway.

67 words made from the letters gillain

4 letter words made from gillain:

3 letter words made from gillain:

all, nig, ani, ail, nag, ain, nil, iga, lii, lin, lag, ali, ill, lan, gal, gin.

5 letter words made from gillain:

glial, gilan, ilang, illig, laing, nilla, langi, gaini, igali, galli, gilli, nilai, inall, ligan, illan, liani, aling, naill, lliga, ilina, giali, ilian, lalin, gilla, algin, gilin, glina, align, lilin.

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