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How to spell GILTY correctly?

For the common misspelling "gilty", the correct suggestions would be "guilty". The word "guilty" is an adjective used to describe a feeling of committing an offense or being responsible for wrongdoing. It is crucial to pay attention to proper spelling to ensure effective communication and convey the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell gilty correctly

  • agility The cheetah's agility during the chase is incredible.
  • gaiety The streets were filled with gaiety during the festive parade.
  • gaily
  • Gil Gil can always make me laugh with his witty jokes.
  • gila The Gila monster is a venomous lizard native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.
  • gild The artist decided to gild the frame of the painting with gold leaf for a richer appearance.
  • Gilda Gilda is excited to attend the charity event tonight.
  • gill
  • gilt The picture frame was adorned with a beautiful gilt edge.
  • girly I'm not into all the girly things--I prefer action movies.
  • girt She girt herself with a belt so her dress wouldn't fly up in the wind.
  • Git Your code should be committed to a source control management repository like Git for increased efficiency and safety.
  • Gite I booked a Gite in the village nearby.
  • guilt She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt after realizing she had hurt her best friend's feelings.
  • guilty The defendant looked down at his feet, knowing he was guilty of the crime.
  • jilt
  • kilt
  • silty The rivers in the area are typically silty due to the erosion of the surrounding hillsides.

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