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How to spell GL correctly?

If you accidentally type "gl" instead of "go", "girl" or any other word, don't worry! Autocorrect may not always catch it, but here are some potential correct suggestions. Double-check if you meant to write "glow", "glee", "glam", "glad" or any other word that begins with "gl."

List of suggestions on how to spell gl correctly

  • al Al was hesitant to go on the rollercoaster, but his friends convinced him to give it a try.
  • BL
  • cl The word "cl" is not a full word and cannot be used in a sentence.
  • fl
  • G Grandma's name is Greta, but we just call her "G".
  • ga
  • gal The gal at the front desk greeted me with a smile.
  • gb
  • gd
  • ge
  • gel I use a hair gel to style my hair.
  • gi My favourite pair of pants has a gi waistband that helps it stay put during my workout.
  • Gil Gil was ecstatic when he found out he got the job.
  • GK
  • gm GM is an abbreviation for General Motors.
  • go I plan to go to the grocery store after work today.
  • gp I visited my GP to get a referral to a specialist.
  • GR
  • GS
  • GT I am currently researching the fastest GT cars on the market.
  • gu
  • il
  • KL
  • L
  • LL
  • ml The prescription specified that the patient should take 10 ml of medicine.
  • PL PL is short for "Professional Liability.
  • tl
  • UL "UL is a safety certification organization that helps consumers make informed decisions about products.
  • xl I bought an XL t-shirt because I prefer loose fitting clothing.

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