Correct spelling for GLITERY

We think the word glitery is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for glitery

  • Glitz
  • according to b&bs official website, "a wayward vixen with a heart of gold, amber moore escaped the rusted doublewides of furnace creek for the los angeles life of glitz and glamour.

  • Gilder(Definition of gilder)
  • In a letter to mr. richard watson gilder he writes: "...

  • Glittered
  • He was up in an instant, however, and a knife of ugly length glittered in his hand as he sprang at pierre.

  • Glider(Definition of glider)
  • His electric rifle saved a party from the red pygmies in elephant land, and in his air glider he found the platinum treasure.

  • Goitre(Definition of goitre)
  • The people of nawabgunge drink the water of wells, close to the bank of the river, and often the water of the river itself, and say that they never suffer from it; but that a good many people in several villages, along the same bank, have the goitre to a very distressing degree.

  • Glittery
  • When she sang "ring the alarm" in sunrise, florida on june 29, 2009, knowles was wearing a glittery gold leotard.

  • Glitters
  • The creatures flash like red snowflakes in the sun; the air glitters with their gauzy wings.

  • Gallery(Definition of gallery)
  • But he could not follow where she offered to lead, for she dropped her feet, and sank, and walked the under-floor of rock, entering a deep gallery.

  • Gliders
  • Suppose i caught one, or both, of those other gliders, busy at their reconnaissance and shot their tails off.

  • Jittery
  • Two of these mice, jittery janitor bernard (bob newhart) and his co-agent, the elegant miss bianca (eva gabor), set out to rescue penny (michelle stacy), an orphan girl being held prisoner in the devils bayou by treasure huntress madame medusa (geraldine page).

  • Glory(Definition of glory)
  • Besides, how about glory?

  • Litre(Definition of litre)
  • A 1990 newspaper reported that "barrel bombs - 210 litre cast iron barrels packed with explosives, rubber and saw dust" were used against residential areas knocking out 20 houses at a time in the jaffna region.

  • Lottery(Definition of lottery)
  • And you won't forget to borrow the list of the lottery-drawings?"

  • Glide(Definition of glide)
  • "prince's," said t-s to the chauffeur, and the palace on wheels began to glide along.

  • Kilter(Definition of kilter)
  • Aristophanes clouds, a comedy from 423 bc, contains a speech whose complaint is brought from the moon: the athenians have been playing round with the months, "running them up and down" so that human activity and the divine order are completely out of kilter: "when you should be holding sacrifices, instead you are torturing and judging.

  • Glitzy
  • In 1981, a new arrangement of "burundi black" was recorded by drummer rusty egan and french record producer jean-philippe iliesco, and released in the uk and us where it became a dancefloor hit, described by music critic robert palmer as "glitzy pop-schlock, a throwaway with a beat".

  • Glitter(Definition of glitter)
  • I had ridden forward to look out for the water, when just as i caught sight of the glitter of a pool, i saw two persons emerge from the shade.

107 words made from the letters glitery

4 letter words made from glitery:

leti, giel, tery, tier, lyre, girt, lger, egly, irey, iler, reit, ilet, rile, reti, lity, leit, iyer, liye, teli, yeti, gyre, egri, ertl, liet, legi, trel, geyi, gilt, trig, yeri, gyel, girl, tyge, trei, igel, ryle, tyre, giry, lert, ytre, rely, grit, tiye, tiel, trey, lite, tire, riel, egli, tile, gelt, lery, rite, grey.

5 letter words made from glitery:

leity, gerlt, riely, reily, litre, tiley, tyrie, gryet, riegl, liger, griet, tiler, rigel, gerti, liter, girly, gilet, liegt, lyter, tirey, ergil, tiger, tyler, elrig, riley, giler, legit.

3 letter words made from glitery:

lir, lye, ert, teg, lei, leg, ley, lit, ire, rig, get, erg, lie, ret, tie, tyr, ler, ter, rit, rye, try, gel, let, yet, tri, ige.