Correct spelling for GOALT

We think the word goalt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for goalt

  • alt Dollinger, Hohenlohe and the rest of the anti-Catholic Bavarian coterie, deluded the Emperor and his minister with the idea of an independent German alt, or Old Catholic Church.
  • coal "One was I'd fed the ranch stoves with surface coal that you could find almost anywheres on my land, and the other was the fates just handed me the picture of a daughter who caught the dangerous disease of 'notions' way down east at school in Boston.
  • coat For answer, Doctor Alwyn drew from his capacious coat pocket a huge, old-fashioned pistol, and held it out to Blaine.
  • cobalt You could not render her dull bronze-like tints without mixing your light-reds with cobalt blue or with real ultramarine at a guinea an ounce, if you could afford it.
  • colt Didn'tee run about as ragged as any colt o' the common, and a didn't I find duddz for ee?
  • gait Better yet, Fatoo had limped for such a long time afterwards that the Royal Sorcerer's hobbled gait had provided a convenient stigma with which to draw away any possibly adverse attention from Emperor Euphrates' blunder in breaking the original idol in the first place.
  • gal Make a memorandum of it, my gal.
  • gala The gala or holiday dresses of the peasantry are very handsome, each district having its own peculiar costume, but of these we will say a few words hereafter.
  • gale One of his midshipmen having gone overboard in the gale, he can give you his berth; but mind you, Terence, don't go and be doing the same thing."
  • gall To know how completely Morgan had outwitted him was like gall and wormwood to him.
  • galoot That nanny-whiskered old galoot was sunk in too many fathoms of water ever to wade ashore.
  • gatt Member of: CCC, Commonwealth, Council of Europe, FAO, G-77, GATT, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICO, IDA, IFAD, IFC, ILO, IMF, IMO, INTELSAT, INTERPOL, ITU, NAM, UN, UNESCO, UPU, WFTU, WHO, WMO, WTO; Turkish Federated State of Cyprus-OIC (observer)
  • ghat Afterwards saw several merchants again on the question, felt discouraged, and my faith shook in the Ghat route.
  • gilt "Gif I had lived but seven yeirs mair, "I wad hae gilt thee round about."
  • glad Nan went also; she was glad to get into the country on any pretence; and she seemed merry enough.
  • gloat When they returned home, Kate left Nancy Ellen and Robert to gloat over the carpets they had selected, as they appeared on their floors, to arrange the furniture and re-examine their wedding gifts; while she slipped into the kitchen and began washing the dishes and planning what she would have for breakfast.
  • glut The leaders in the cities, each provided with the fairest professions, on the one side with the cry of political equality of the people, on the other of a moderate aristocracy, sought prizes for themselves in those public interests which they pretended to cherish, and, recoiling from no means in their struggles for ascendancy engaged in the direst excesses; in their acts of vengeance they went to even greater lengths, not stopping at what justice or the good of the state demanded, but making the party caprice of the moment their only standard, and invoking with equal readiness the condemnation of an unjust verdict or the authority of the strong arm to glut the animosities of the hour.
  • goad He sat down, and turned it over, saying, "Here is the tonic, the stimulant in weakness, the strychnine for failure of Faith, the goad which drives you in tears to the feet of Christ, the 'Dolorous Passion' of Sister Emmerich."
  • goal So after many hours of frightful fighting the situation was that some scattered groups of Dublins and Royal Irish held out on a far goal with exposed flanks, with some Inniskillings clinging to the slopes of Hill 37, while on the other side of the Zonnebeke river the Ulster men had been forced off their little hill, and had been unable to get beyond the German chain of concrete houses.
  • goalie Carey Price - Montreal Canadiens starting goalie regularly attended organised hockey in Williams Lake as a child, traveling from Anahim Lake, British Columbia by plane.
  • goat The goat, perceiving my approach, eyed me suspiciously, and stepped back a little way.
  • goblet So she filled a silver goblet with a pleasant drink in which she had mixed poison, and she set it in the room where Tristram played with the young princes, his half-brothers.
  • godly Nevertheless, however pure and godly might be their motives, I beheld myself in a grievous case, and likely to get the worst of it.
  • gold The judge raised himself on his elbow, put on his gold eye-glass, and looked along the plain.
  • gould So important an invention as the quadruplex could not long go begging, but there were many difficulties connected with its introduction, some of which are best described in Mr. Edison's own words: "Around 1873 the owners of the Automatic Telegraph Company commenced negotiations with Jay Gould for the purchase of the wires between New York and Washington, and the patents for the system, then in successful operation.
  • gout I don't believe this is gout, it is more like rheumatism.
  • groat So that perhaps these simple-hearted editors, who were so vehement against lying bulletins, and so wary in announcing their great news, were in the condition of a clown, who thinks he has bought a great bargain of a Jew because he has beat down the price perhaps from a guinea to a crown, for some article that is not really worth a groat.
  • guilt I was next to be enlightened, in the strangest and the saddest manner, on the difficult question of his innocence or his guilt.
  • jolt Probably near that water-break where you gave us such a hard jolt.
  • Got Of course ye've got ter go.
  • Golan Why are the Golan Heights not shown as part of Israel or Northern Cyprus with Turkey?
  • Golda Golda shook her head.
  • Goals It should certainly be clear to all of the friends that we cannot hold off on winning the various goals of our tasks until the last year of the Crusade.
  • germ-destroying The other blew a mighty cloud of germ-destroying smoke, and shook his head.

30 words made from the letters goalt

3 letter words made from goalt:

ago, ola, gal, tag, gat, lat, lao, oat, tao, tog, log, alt, goa, lot, lag.

5 letter words made from goalt:

tolga, gloat, algot.

4 letter words made from goalt:

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