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How to spell GOIES correctly?

The correct spelling for "goies" could be "goes". This common misspelling might occur due to confusion with the plural form of "goose". However, "goes" is the third-person singular present tense of the verb "go". It is essential to double-check spellings to ensure accuracy in writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell goies correctly

  • Bogies Bogies are small, unmanned aircraft which are used for surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • Copies I will make copies of the document.
  • cozies I love to read cozies when I want a relaxing and easy-to-follow mystery.
  • dogies I found a cute little dogies in the garden.
  • Fogies I am going to get some fogies for my dog.
  • Gaines The Gaines sisters were always the life of the party.
  • GEES I'm hungry, can I have a GEES?
  • genies Genies are magical creatures that live in springs.
  • GEODES He was studying the GEODES system.
  • gibes His gibes at her intelligence were hurtful and uncalled for.
  • GIGS I have several gigs lined up for next month, which will keep me busy.
  • Giles He works at Giles Electrical.
  • GINS I think I'll have a Gins.
  • GITS She downloaded the GITS program onto her computer.
  • Gives
  • goalies The team's success rested on the performance of their two goalies.
  • gobs I have enough gobs of this gooey stuff to make a batch of fudge.
  • GODS
  • goer There is a "goer" in the bathroom.
  • goers
  • goes Tommy goes to the park every day after work.
  • gofers The CEO has hired several gofers to help with small errands around the office.
  • goings
  • Goiters A person with goiters is likely to have a thyroid problem.
  • goodies I love getting goodies when I go to the movies.
  • gooier I gooier than a baby's bottom.
  • gooiest You are the most gooiest person I have ever met.
  • gooses The group of gooses honked as they took off into the sky.
  • gores The bullfight left several gores on the matador's cape.
  • gorges The hiking trail led through the narrow gorges, with steep cliffs rising on either side.
  • gouges The car had several gouges in the paint job from a minor accident.
  • gris Le chat de ma tante est gris.
  • guides The tour guides gave a detailed explanation of the historical significance of the city's landmarks.
  • guises I never pictured you as a spy, but your new guises are convincing.

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