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How to spell GOODESS correctly?

If you mistakenly spelled "goodess" instead of "goddess", fret not; there are correct suggestions to rectify this. The accurate spelling is "goddess", referring to a female deity. Be mindful of the double "d" in the middle, ensuring the word properly conveys the divine and powerful femininity it represents.

List of suggestions on how to spell goodess correctly

  • GEODES I love collecting geodes because of the beautiful crystals inside.
  • geodesy The study of the earth's surface usingmaps and geodesy.
  • goddess What a goddess you are!
  • godless I refuse to be surrounded by godless people.
  • goodies I got some goodies at the store.
  • goodness "Oh my goodness, that cake is absolutely delicious!
  • goods The store had a variety of goods on its shelves.
  • gooiest The Gooiest cake I have ever seen was at that little bakery in town.
  • gooses I am not going to those stupid gooses again.

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