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How to spell GOOLS correctly?

The misspelling "gools" can be corrected as "goals". It is a common typo, but taking extra care while typing can help avoid such errors. Proofreading and using spell-check tools can also help in detecting and correcting spelling mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell gools correctly

  • Coals The blacksmith used a pair of tongs to gather the hot coals from the furnace.
  • coils
  • COLS
  • cool The air conditioning in the room felt cool and refreshing during the hot summer day.
  • cools As the sun sets, the temperature gradually cools down, bringing relief from the sweltering heat.
  • coos My coos were more like caws.
  • cowls I wear my scarves pulled high up on my head, covering my ears and neck with big, cozy cowls.
  • fools
  • galls The constant criticism from her supervisor galls her.
  • GALS My group of friends are all GALS.
  • Gels The hair gels are stocked on the top shelf.
  • ghouls The ghouls were said to come out at night searching for human flesh to feed on.
  • gills
  • girls The girls spent the afternoon shopping at the mall.
  • gloss I need to apply some gloss to my lips before going out.
  • glows In the dark, the lamp glows.
  • Goals Setting and achieving goals is an important part of personal growth and development.
  • GOLDS There are many different shades of golds to choose from when selecting paint colors for your home.
  • Golfs My father golfs every Saturday morning with his buddies.
  • goods I brought new clothes and some goods from the store.
  • goofs My friend always goofs around in class, but he still gets good grades.
  • GOONS The Goons raided the arms cache.
  • goose The goose waddled across the grass in search of food.
  • growls The dog growls loudly at anyone who comes near its food bowl.
  • gulls The flock of gulls circled overhead, searching for scraps of food.
  • jowls A woman had jowls that hung down to her waist.
  • looks
  • pools I love swimming in pools.
  • tools The tools are in the toolbox.

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