What is the correct spelling for GORDEOUS?

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Correct spelling for GORDEOUS

We think the word gordeous is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for gordeous

  • arduous Such a life of rounded activity, of arduous endeavor, of full, free self-expression is in itself the highest possible reward.
  • cortes The extraordinary Cortes were dissolved, and the ordinary Cortes summoned.
  • courteous Nothing is more self-respecting than respect, and when we ask our friends to visit us we can well afford to be unusually courteous.
  • gaseous By the rapid union of the two elements, the high temperature suddenly expanded the gaseous product, which immediately contracted; both expansion and contraction produced the noise of explosion.
  • goddess Basel Museum This was a lady whose past career might have warned a lover that whatever she might prove as a goddess, she could play but a fallen angel's part.
  • gorgeous Madame Foa followed him, and with her was Miss Ingate, gorgeous and blushing.
  • hideous After many horrible days, hideous nights, she realized that she still loved Garrison.
  • odious It was where Master Rababull frequently met with those in whom he had found reason for some particularly odious displeasure, and the significance of this was not lost on Habrunt, who was at pains to look oblivious.
  • Gordon Gordon sat silent a moment or two.
  • Goiters
  • borders 1. A rising-ground on Cannobie, on the borders of Liddesdale.
  • codes A great part of our existing health codes and a very large part of the funds spent on health administration are designed to protect those of high income against disease incident to those of low income, high vitality against low vitality, houses with rooms to spare against houses that are overcrowded.
  • orders I'm under orders, you see.
  • guides There are to-day scores of more or less capable guides in the various National Parks, but these three alone are famous.
  • cordons To say that many cordons bleus visited the fair financier would be absurd; but it is certain she had managed to gain the notice of several of the Rohan family, as came out very clearly in the celebrated process of the necklace.
  • gorges
  • girders
  • gores
  • goatees
  • coders An example of professional amateurism on a large scale is the international open source and free software operating system project GNU/Linux which along with its many spinoffs has been developed by paid professionals at companies such as Red Hat, HP, and IBM working generally indistinguishably together with amateur professional coders.
  • goodies
  • hordes
  • garters
  • carders [B] The poorer artisans connected with the wool trade-wool-beaters, carders, washers, etc.
  • rodeos
  • gardens
  • ex-act
  • grubbery
  • haulings
  • low-quality
  • junkier
  • mediaspeak
  • mis-fit
  • mis-fits

239 words made from the letters gordeous

4 letter words made from gordeous:

groo, dour, dugo, doge, dogs, rues, degr, ergo, guse, goor, droo, odeo, gude, deor, rous, orge, door, gure, dero, roog, eous, ouro, oedo, gedr, oord, oger, urge, drug, godo, duro, oder, sood, ordu, gore, duse, ooru, odor, rood, uges, gurs, suro, urde, sore, sude, suge, gedo, oude, eudo, doog, ruse, suor, seor, oseu, guro, ordo, oreo, soor, gesu, duos, sour, udos, user, doru, redo, surd, rude, euro, roud, rose, dogu, oreg, dose, sogo, eros, ogre, goes, roue, doer, ruge, good, sugo, suer, urgo, goer, dreg, oser, deru, rugs, grus, sure, oseo, ogou, rods, dego, ursg, used, grue, oure, edur.

5 letter words made from gordeous:

goure, guero, doges, groes, odour, goods, sodoe, regus, gordo, gourd, rouge, dregs, rogue, erdos, doors, sroge, odors, sodor, gorse, sudre, durge, grode, ogres, rudge, urges, derog, rudos, doros, goors, godes, dures, surdo, ogdru, ergos, suder, dersu, sordo, sergo, goude, sogou, soeur, suero, segur, sored, rouse, rodeo, oduor, dogue, suger, erugo, ordos, grued, sogod, roose, rused, gores, ourso, douse, groos, roues, rogus, oduro, goers, surge, duero, odero, dorso, roode, dores, oguro, derus, grose, dorus, groud, duros, sorgo, oreos, rudes, roseo, gudes, droge, douro, sudor, segou, godus, roods, droog, goose, usodo, dogus, sorge, seoud, rosed, redus, drogo, guder, doose, godse, redos, orego, godso, grues, sured, gorod, regos, resod, segro.

3 letter words made from gordeous:

esr, goo, dos, rug, ego, erg, ore, duo, dug, gur, res, rod, oed, due, rue, sur, roe, urd, sou, use, ode, dre, edo, uro, dog, eos, sod, doe, sue, gsr, god, red, des.

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