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How to spell GOTEN correctly?

If you are looking for the correct spelling of "goten", it may actually be "gotten". "Gotten" is the past participle of "get" and is commonly used in American English. So, the next time you are tempted to write "goten", remember to use "gotten" instead for proper spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell goten correctly

  • Cohen I want to talk to Neil Cohen about the case.
  • cote The shepherd led the sheep back to their cote after a long day grazing in the fields.
  • COTES The Cotes family are some of the most well-known landowners in the area.
  • coven The witches' coven was meeting in the forest.
  • cozen I cozen you into believing that I am smarter than I am.
  • eaten
  • galen Galen was a Greek physician who developed the theory of the four humors.
  • gate She opened the gate to the park.
  • Gated A gated community is an example of a security system.
  • gates The gates closed, trapping us inside.
  • gen
  • Gite
  • given I was given a rather unpleasant surprise at the party.
  • glen The hiker followed the peaceful, bubbling stream through the glen as he enjoyed the tranquility of the forest.
  • gluten I can't have gluten in my diet.
  • goatee He had a goatee and long, black hair.
  • Godel Godel's incompleteness theorem revolutionized the field of mathematics.
  • goiter Doctors diagnosed her with goiter, a benign tumor on her thyroid gland.
  • Golan
  • golden The sun was setting and casting a golden hue over the horizon.
  • gone Please give me my keys. I Think they're in the car. I went to get them, but they're gone.
  • goner I'm afraid that car is a goner - there's no way to repair it.
  • goon I refuse to go near that goon.
  • Goren
  • Got
  • GOTTA She's gotta go.
  • Gotten I've gotten better at speaking English.
  • govern
  • gown I will wear a beautiful gown to the ball.
  • green I love the green of the leaves in the autumn.
  • GTE NBCUniversal is looking to buy into the telecom giant GTE.
  • Gwen Gwen and her sister went to the store to buy some groceries.
  • oaten I always seem to end up eating oaten toast at breakfast.
  • rotten I'm so rotten I can't even stand myself.
  • ten
  • token He offered me a token of his esteem.
  • Wooten
  • wotan The god Wotan is often associated with rage and death.

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