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How to spell GOULS correctly?

If you happened to type "gouls" instead of "gouls", fear not! Auto-correct can sometimes lead us astray. Here are some possible correct suggestions: ghouls, goals, gulls, glows, fools. Always double-check spelling to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell gouls correctly

  • Coals He used the tongs to add more coals to the grill.
  • coils The snake slowly uncoiled its long body from the tight coils.
  • COLS
  • cools The breeze cools me down on this hot summer day.
  • coulis French cuisine features complex and lively sauces called coulis.
  • cowls The cold winter wind whipped around their faces and cowls, making it difficult to see where they were going.
  • fouls The basketball player committed two fouls in the first quarter.
  • galls Riding my bike on bumpy roads really galls my knees.
  • GALS My gals and I are planning a weekend getaway to the beach.
  • Gels I need to apply hair gels to style my hair.
  • ghouls The graveyard was said to be haunted by ghouls who preyed on the bodies buried there.
  • gills
  • girls I have two sisters, both of whom are girls.
  • Glues
  • Goals Setting achievable goals is essential for personal growth and success.
  • gould The Gould family has been living in this house for generations.
  • gulls The gulls were circling overhead, searching for scraps of food.
  • joules The amount of energy consumed by the device is measured in joules.
  • jowls As he got older, his jowls became more pronounced.
  • souls The choir's singing touched the souls of the audience.

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