Correct spelling for GOVENER

We think the word govener is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for govener

  • convene Amang the bonnie winding banks Where Doon rins wimplin' clear, [winding] Where Bruce[7] ance ruled the martial ranks [once] An' shook his Carrick spear, Some merry friendly country-folks Together did convene To burn their nits, an' pou their stocks, [nuts, pull, stalks] An' haud their Halloween [keep] Fu' blythe that night:
  • convener Then the Anglican and the Catholic and the Methodist ladies met and said it was just like the Presbyterians to want to have the banquet in their church, to make it appear to the Old Boys that they were doing it all. And Mrs. Captain Willoughby, the smartest woman in Algonquin and the Convener of the dinner committee, said that if those gossipy old cranks wanted to have the banquet in the lock-up, why they might have it there for all she cared, but she wanted every one to know that it would be served in the Presbyterian School room or she would have nothing to do with it. That almost settled it for every one knew it was utterly impossible to get up such a huge affair without Mrs. Captain Willoughby at the head.
  • coven The Abomination reappears when summoned by a coven of witches to briefly battle the cosmic hero the Silver Surfer and summons Thor (via an absent Stranger's technology) to aid him in escaping the Strangers laboratory world.
  • cover As the plain was large, and the cover very distant, Hendrik was discouraged and gave up the design he had half formed of trying to head them.
  • gene How does it happen that the two gene- alogies given do not agree?
  • given "Wish you'd given us a little more room," he muttered.
  • giver Ah, here comes the audacious giver!
  • gofer
  • gone
  • goner
  • govern
  • governed
  • governess
  • governor
  • guvnor
  • oven
  • Evener If the pieces are large, it takes a long time for the heat to slowly penetrate them when we want to increase it. The small pieces, therefore, absorb the heat more evenly, and this gives an evener action of the rennet.
  • Novene
  • governors
  • governs
  • greener

116 words made from the letters govener

3 letter words made from govener:

ene, eeg, erg, ego, one, ern, eon, gee, gen, ron, nov, nee, neo, roe, eve, rev, ore, nog.

4 letter words made from govener:

noer, vego, veno, evro, gone, gorn, reeg, goer, oger, ngee, nevo, nove, rege, evoe, onge, vorn, oven, over, rove, reno, even, voge, veen, veng, veer, orge, ogre, vron, veon, gore, vong, ergo, erne, nero, noev, ever, egen, gene, orne, reen, nego, roen, oreg.

5 letter words made from govener:

grone, grove, goven, norev, ergen, evren, goner, gvero, renov, geove, groen, never, nervo, goree, enero, verno, regev, ronge, oeger, gerne, engro, negro, renge, gener, veren, rogen, genre, genro, voree, rengo, eroge, negev, verne, nerve, nover, roven, evron, vener, verge, egnor, egner, neger, enger, rogne, green, noreg, norge, enver, gover, regno, ogren, genov, orene, negre, vengo.

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