Correct spelling for GP

We think the word gp is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for gp

  • Gu
  • Agrostis vinealis (chinese: 芒剪股颖; pinyin: mang jian gu ying) is a species of grass known by the common names brown bentgrass and brown bent, which can be found from russia to mongolia, into china and even pakistan, and india.

  • Gb
  • The m34 cluster bomb was the first mass-produced united states army weapon meant to deliver the chemical agent sarin (gb).

  • Gpa
  • 7 gpa the chicago sun-times named bailey and banks to the class aa all-state team that included darius miles, eddy curry, dwyane wade, t.

  • Lp
  • Political parties and leaders: alliance of croatian coast and mountains department or pgs [luciano susanj]; croatian christian democratic union or hkdu [marko veselica]; croatian democratic union or hdz [ivo sanader]; croatian party of rights or hsp [dobroslav paraga]; croatian peasant party or hss [zlatko tomcic]; croatian people's party or hns [vesna pusic]; croatian social liberal party or hsls [drazen budisa]; independent democratic serb party or sdss [vojislav stanimirovic]; istrian democratic assembly or ids [ivan jakovcic]; liberal party or lp [leader na]; social democratic party of croatia or sdp [ivica racan]

  • Gyp
  • But her face sobered in an instant, and she bent forward, almost whispering the rest: "gyp!

  • Pp
  • 38. w. robertson smith, pp.

  • Gap
  • Within half an hour he was on his way to the gap.

    They said Yvette walked in, there wasn't too much rap Her reputation got bigger and so did her gap

    – Dear Yvette by LL Cool J
  • Ge
  • Ge. so hobinoll the plowman calls his dame.

  • G
  • Mrs. g. not that i know of?

  • Gm
  • Yellow mercurous iodide 0.30 gm. white fat sugar 18.00 gm.

  • Gs
  • The general schedule (gs) is the predominant pay scale within the united states civil service.

  • Gd
  • Novoscorpion vermelhodesportivo ribeira bravafc derbyparticipating football (soccer) clubs of the 2008 cape verdean football championships (cape verde) sporting clube da praia, winner of the 2007 cape verdean football championships sc sal rei, winner of the boa vista island league gd corôa, winner of the brava island league académica (fogo), winner of the fogo island league académica da calheta, winner of the maio island league académico do aeroporto, winner of the sal island league scorpion vermelho, winner of the santiago island league (north) associação desportiva do bairro, runner-up of the santiago island league (south) solpontense, winner of the santo antão island league (north) grupo desportivo, recreativo e cultural fiorentina, winner of the santo antão island league (south) desportivo ribeira brava, winner of the são nicolau island league fc derby, winner of the são vicente island league information about the clubs

  • Ap
  • She arrived in london late on the afternoon of ap.

  • Pg
  • Produced by jonathan ingram, shawn wheeler and the pg online distributed proofreading team.

  • Np
  • The transuranium metals np, am, and cm are also allotropic.

  • Rp
  • Rp vii. 119-122.

  • Kp
  • In december 2016, renuka talwar, daughter of dlf chairman kp singh, acquired a bungalow on prithviraj road for 4.

  • Gpo
  • “active directory auditing tools” windows it pro, 08/21/2011↑ editors "company overview of beyondtrust corporation" bloomberg businessweek↑ marwitz, caroline “active directory, gpo, and identity blog: blackbird group watches over active directory” windows it pro, 04/23/2010↑ shields, greg "review: blackbird management suite for active directory" redmondmag.

  • Op
  • For a full account of the renaissance theory of the epigram and the contemporary controversies, see hutton, op.

  • Gdp
  • Agriculture: accounts for about 15% of gdp and employs over 70% of population; 40% of land area divided into 6,000 large commercial farms and 42% in communal lands; crops-corn (food staple), cotton, tobacco, wheat, coffee, sugarcane, peanuts; livestock-cattle, sheep, goats, pigs; self-sufficient in food

  • Dp
  • Dp p`r = - --- (v - [tau]) (14) dpqr

  • Gt
  • For 1997, bailey joined lister, eventually winning the british gt championship in 1999 and the fia gt championship in 2000 in a lister storm.

  • Gop
  • The wisconsin gop claimed on october 11, 2017, that baldwin had "voted in favor of higher taxes and fees more than 400 times since she arrived in washington.

  • Gp
  • 4, alaskan wg (aaftc) (september 1943 – august 1944) 1466th army air force base unit (august 1944 – january 1945) satellite fld 1466-1 army air force base unit (january–june 1945) hq and base service sq, 519th air service group (november–december 1947) 97th airdrome group (december 1947 – april 1948) eielson afb wing (base complement) (april–september 1948) eielson bomb wing (september 1948 – june 1949) 5010th composite wing (june 1949 – january 1951) 5010th air base group (january 1951 – february 1953) 5010th composite wing (february 1953 – october 1954) 5010th air base wing (october 1954 – january 1965) 5010th combat support gp (january 1965 – october 1981) 343d tactical fighter wing (october 1981 – july 1991) 343d wing (july 1991 – august 1993) 354th fighter wing (august 1993–present)

  • Go
  • "no, you sha'n't go.

    So heavily down-pattered That none could forthward go, Our lives seemed shattered... --We did not know!

    – Unknowing by Thomas Hardy
  • Wp
  • Weyl almost periodic functions the space wp of weyl almost periodic functions (for p ≥ 1) was introduced by weyl (1927).

  • Bp
  • This change in color is owing to the fact that the heat of the bp.

  • Sp
  • P. 5-9 cm. expanded, viscid, even, glabrous, shining when dry, margin straight; g. very emarginate; s. 5-7 cm., solid, apex flocculose; sp. 7-8 x 4.

  • Mp
  • As late as 1938 a labour mp (george ridley) was condemning the conservatives budget due to its "harsh and inhuman" increase on the tax on tea and thereby betraying the ideal of the free breakfast table.

  • Gr
  • Murray, same places; n. butler's gr.

  • Ga
  • Obtained of s. w. peek, hartwell, ga.

    aisubeki takusan no hitotachi ga boku wo okubyoumono ni kaeteshimattan da

    – Hero (Japanese) by mr. children
  • P
  • 312; hardie, lectures, p.

  • Gk
  • 1354 botha, provisional designation 1935 gk, is an exceptionally dark background asteroid from the outer regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 46 kilometers in diameter.

  • Jp
  • Baldwin joined the investment bank jp morgan chase in 1986, becoming managing director and head of currency management at their london office in 1998.

  • Gi
  • 'if there should be any fightin', gi' me a call, won't you?' said harry, with a yawn.

  • Gnp
  • Agriculture contributes about 6% to gnp, down from 35% in 1952.