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How to spell GRAGGED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "gragged" instead of the intended word, there are a few possible correct suggestions. One could be "dragged", meaning to pull something forcefully. Another option is "bragged", which refers to boasting or bragging about oneself. Finally, "flagged" could also be suitable, indicating the act of signaling or drawing attention to something.

List of suggestions on how to spell gragged correctly

  • Bragged She bragged endlessly about her achievements and possessions.
  • Dragged The band members dragged their equipment off the stage after the last song.
  • Gagged She was gagged and tied to a chair, unable to scream for help.
  • Garaged I garaged my car overnight to keep it safe from the harsh weather.
  • Gauged I gauged his reaction to my news by observing his facial expressions.
  • gigged I gigged with my band at the local coffee shop last night.
  • grudged She grudged her coworker's promotion because she believed she deserved it more.
  • jagged The jagged rocks made it difficult to climb up the mountain.
  • Raged The storm raged for hours, causing widespread damage in the village.
  • ragged The ragged edges of the shirt indicated it had been torn.
  • raggedy The raggedy old teddy bear was well-loved but in desperate need of repairs.
  • rigged The election was rigged, leading to protests and calls for investigation.
  • rugged The mountain range had a rugged terrain that made hiking difficult.

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