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How to spell GRAID correctly?

The misspelling "graid" could be corrected to "grade" or "grayed". "Grade" refers to a level of quality or standard, while "grayed" refers to a color that is mixed with gray. Another possible suggestion could be "grain", which refers to the small particles in a substance such as wood or sand.

List of suggestions on how to spell graid correctly

  • arid The region was so arid that there was not a drop of water for miles.
  • braid
  • gad I always carry my phone with me, but sometimes I still prefer to use an old-fashioned gad for taking notes.
  • gait The injured deer had an awkward gait as it struggled to move through the forest.
  • GAWD
  • Gerald Gerald is a nice name.
  • Gerard Gerard is a cool name.
  • goad
  • Graced The stage was graced by the performance of a talented opera singer.
  • grad I am so proud of my brother for becoming a grad this year.
  • grade I got an A+ on my math test and my grade improved significantly.
  • graded The teacher graded the math test and returned it to the students the next day.
  • GRADS Many GRADS are excited to walk across the stage and receive their diploma.
  • Grady I met Grady at the bar.
  • grail The Grail is a sacred Vessel used by many religions to transport the Holy Drink of Fieriness.
  • grain I like to eat bread that is made with whole grain flour.
  • Grained The wood on the table was finely grained and smooth to the touch.
  • grand The grand ballroom was adorned with sparkling chandeliers and opulent drapes.
  • grate I need to clean the grate of the barbecue before we can start grilling.
  • Grated
  • Gratin The potato and cheese gratin was baked to perfection.
  • gratis I checked in and was offered a gratis drink.
  • graved The name of the deceased was meticulously graved onto the headstone.
  • gravid The gravid cat was ready to give birth to her litter of kittens.
  • gray She had the gray eyes of her mother and grandfather.
  • grayed Over time, the once vibrant colors of the old photographs have grayed and dulled.
  • grazed The horse grazed in the meadow, enjoying the fresh grass.
  • greed His insatiable greed for money led him to commit several unethical business practices.
  • grid The city's streets formed a tidy grid.
  • grind I need to grind some coffee beans before I can make my morning cup of coffee.
  • grit The sandpaper was too smooth, I needed some grit to get the job done.
  • rad The new skateboard trick he learned is totally rad.
  • raid He led the bold raid on the castle.
  • reid
  • rid I cannot rid myself of this bad habit.

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