What is the correct spelling for GRAIT?

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Correct spelling for GRAIT

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Possible correct spellings for grait

  • carat Clarity is one of the four Cs of diamond grading, the others being carat, color, and cut.
  • caret CARET (Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction Toolkit) is a software application for the structural and functional analysis of the cerebral and cerebellar cortex.
  • crate And I, Colonel Benjamin Rice, first commanding officer of Army Base No. 1 on the Moon, dragged crate after enormous crate out of the ship on my aching academic back, and piled them in the spot two hundred feet away where the plastic dome would be built.
  • croat After Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia in April 1992, the town was besieged by the Yugoslav Peoples Army (JNA), though clashes between the JNA and Croat forces started earlier.
  • crt Even in situations when pixel response time is very short, motion blur remains a problem because their pixels remain lit, unlike CRT phosphors that merely flash briefly.
  • gait Then he hitched himself around, with his hand on the hip of his old horse, swaying violently with the jerk of the gait.
  • garret And when time was, his host brought him into a fair garret, over the gate, to his bed.
  • gatt Member of: ACP, CARICOM, CCC, Commonwealth, FAO, G-77, GATT, IADB, IBRD, ICAO, ICO, IDA, IDB-Inter-American Development Bank, IFC, ILO, IMF, IMO, INTELSAT, INTERPOL, ISO, ITU, IWC-International Wheat Council, NAM, OAS, PAHO, SELA, UN, UNESCO, UPU, WFTU, WHO, WMO, WTO
  • ghat Barman is the holy place,Barman has two main ghat- one is the bramhan ghat and other is retghat.
  • goat "It's got my goat," he admitted.
  • grad Beckett Media has launched an autograph authentication company, led by renowned expert Steve Grad of Pawn Stars fame.
  • grade It is perhaps due to the prodigality with which titles have been scattered in late years that the older titles are more regarded than the new, although of inferior grade.
  • graft A released prisoner is to inform the press of the abuses, graft, and immorality rampant in Riverside.
  • grail Then followed Yvain, or Le Chevalier au Lion, and finally came Perceval, or Le Conte du Graal, which gives the first account of the Holy Grail.
  • grain The first year they are in corn; the second in other small grain, with which he sows red clover.
  • granite On the shelf beneath were ranged some superb specimens of quartz and granite.
  • grant He is lonely now, I grant.
  • grate After the travelers had warmed themselves by the kitchen stove, they were invited into another room to meet Mr. Hickson, who was reclining in a big arm chair before the grate.
  • grater =-Grate half an ounce of onion, and use two tablespoonfuls of vinegar to wash it off the grater; to these add a saltspoonful of sugar, a tablespoonful of lemon juice, three tablespoonfuls of olive oil, six capers chopped fine, as much cayenne as can be taken up on the point of a very small pen-knife blade, a level saltspoonful of salt, and quarter of a saltspoonful of pepper; mix well, and use for dressing watercresses, or any other green salad.
  • gratis The professor very liberally gave his instruction gratis.
  • gravid Medullary bone tissue (endosteally derived, ephemeral, mineralization located inside the medulla of the long bones in gravid female birds) has been reported in at least one Allosaurus specimen, a shin bone from the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry.
  • gravity Webb took the book with all the gravity of a most righteous, if highly amused judge.
  • gray And so on into the gray day!
  • great Our moving to Westover was a great time.
  • greet The rain had been severe, the creeks and rivers were swollen, and we had a wet home coming, but we found the family in waiting to greet us.
  • grid Of course, some of them came from the grid and as fast as electrons get back to the grid it becomes less and less positive.
  • grist If the mill will only grind for us, we will gladly furnish the grist.
  • grit You look as if you'd had a big scare, old man, but you've clear grit for all that!
  • grits E Father Gavazzi's lectures, 124; cause riots in Quebec and Montreal, 124-125; Clear Grits attack Hincks and the government for failure to suppress riots, 125. Bib.
  • gritty The piled dresser showed a muddle of unwashed dishes, and the floor was gritty with mud.
  • groat "This noble building, to be sure, has beauty without bounds, It cost upwards of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds; They've Madame Catalini there to open her white throat, But to hear your foreign singers I would not give a groat; So haste away unto the play, whose name has reached the skies, And when the Cati ope's her mouth, oh how she'll catch the flies!"
  • grout They resided during the time in a little grout cottage on Fifteenth street, near Welton, considered then a long way out of town.
  • gyrate lyoni, like other cellar spiders, will violently gyrate their bodies in small circles when threatened.
  • karat Karat Kole' or ' Karat Pwono – round-shaped banana, flesh orange-yellow Karat Pako – longer banana, skin rough, flesh orange-yellow Karat Pwekhu – smaller banana, flesh orange-yellow Utin Iap type cultivars Utin Iap' or 'Uht En Yap – cone-shaped bunch, small bananas, flesh orange Utimwas – small bananas, flesh orange Solomon Islands: Aibwo' or 'Suria – ripe skin orange; flesh yellow-orange Fagufagu – ripe skin orange, flesh yellow-orange Gatagata' or 'Vudito – ripe skin orange-brown, flesh yellow-orange Toraka Parao – ripe skin red; flesh yellow-orange Warowaro – ripe skin brown; flesh yellow Eastern Indonesia: Pisang Tongkat Langit Papua New Guinea: Menei', 'Rimina', 'Utafan', 'Sar', 'Wain New Caledonia: Daak Fiji: Soaqa Society Islands: Fe'i Aiuri', 'Fe'i Tatia Hawaii: Borabora', 'Polapola', 'Mai'a Ha'i
  • raid It was the old man's boast to his dying day that he had exterminated a family of father and five sons in the raid upon Lawrence with that old weapon, without recharging it.
  • rat It was a rat, I think, and it scrambled away among the loose boards in a frenzy of excitement.
  • reit
  • trait
  • writ
  • Git Let's git into it!"
  • Gratin He who says au gratin says Parmesan.
  • Grady Grady could not only write and say stirring things; he could be witty.
  • Greta I shall die, and father and little Greta will not know what became of me, and the beautiful lady will never know that I died in her service!

31 words made from the letters grait

3 letter words made from grait:

air, tai, gar, tar, gat, rat, rag, tag, tia, tri, rig, art, iga, rit, ira.

4 letter words made from grait:

5 letter words made from grait:

grita, triga, tarig, tigar, tragi, gitar.

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