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How to spell GRAIT correctly?

If you've misspelled "grait", fret not! Here are some likely intended words: "great", meaning remarkable; "grit", referring to courage or determination; or "grape", a delicious fruit. Double-check your context to choose the most fitting alternative. Remember, we all make typos sometimes - it's part of the writing process!

List of suggestions on how to spell grait correctly

  • gait The elderly man's unsteady gait made it difficult for him to walk across the room.
  • gatt
  • ghat The devotees took a dip in the holy river at the crowded ghat during the festival.
  • Git I use Git to manage versions of my code.
  • goat
  • grad After four long years of studying, Mary was finally a college grad.
  • grade I got an A grade on my English exam.
  • Grady Grady is the name of my neighbor's dog.
  • graft The surgeon decided to graft skin from the patient's thigh to cover the burned area on their arm.
  • grail The Holy Grail has been an object of fascination for centuries.
  • grain He poured the last grain of sand out of the hourglass.
  • granite The countertops in the kitchen are made of granite.
  • grant The university will grant scholarships to deserving students.
  • grate
  • Gratin I'll be making a sweet potato gratin for Thanksgiving this year.
  • gratis I received gratis samples from the company.
  • gravid The gravid female dog is due to have her litter any day now.
  • gravity The force of gravity is what keeps us firmly planted on the ground.
  • gray The winter sky was a dull shade of gray.
  • great The great pyramids of Giza are one of the most magnificent wonders of the ancient world.
  • greet I will greet my friend at the airport.
  • grid The city's power grid failed during the storm, causing widespread blackouts.
  • grist The mill was in operation, grinding grist into flour.
  • grit She showed tremendous grit and determination in completing the marathon despite the challenging terrain.
  • grits I enjoy eating grits with butter and honey for breakfast.
  • groat
  • grout I need to buy more grout for my bathroom tile to fill in the gaps.
  • raid The police conducted a raid on the suspect's property and found several stolen goods.
  • rat
  • reit
  • trait Some people have a strong trait for music.
  • writ The writ of habeas corpus is a common writ used in the United States to test the legality of a detention.

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