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How to spell GRAME correctly?

While "grame" is commonly misspelled, the correct spelling is "gram". This small change can avoid confusion and ensure accurate communication. It is important to double-check spellings in written correspondences or documents to maintain professionalism and clarity. Emphasizing the correct spelling of "gram" can enhance written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell grame correctly

  • Came He came to his senses and realized he had made a mistake.
  • cram I had to cram all my studying into one night because I procrastinated.
  • Creme I put on some creme tonight to get ready for my date.
  • crime He was arrested for his crime.
  • frame I need a new frame for this picture.
  • GAMA The GAMA conference is the largest global game industry event.
  • game I love playing video game with my friends.
  • gamer I'm a gamer, just like my dad.
  • gamy The gamy taste of the wild game was not to everyone's liking.
  • grace Please allow me to show you some grace.
  • grade
  • grahame
  • gram
  • Grammy She won a Grammy for the best music video.
  • grams After consuming too many grams of sugar, it's important to stay hydrated to avoid feeling icky.
  • grape
  • grate It was a grate day.
  • grave We passed by several obsequious grave sites on our way to the restaurant.
  • gray My hair is still a bit light, but it's definitely starting to gray.
  • graze The cows graze on the fields all day.
  • grim The outlook for the economy was grim after the stock market crash.
  • grime I forgot to take my toothbrush with me, so I'll have to brush my teeth with the grime that's accumulated
  • grimed She grimed her hands on the duty roster.
  • Grimes Jane wears Kurt's Grimes shirt.
  • grimm The folk tale of "Little Red Riding Hood" was first written down by the Brothers Grimm.
  • grimy The old alleyway was filled with trash and puddles, making it appear dark and grimy.
  • guam Guam is a small island territory of the United States located in the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Jame
  • Kramer I can't believe that Kramer is going to be at my work Christmas party.
  • ram The bear charged at the ram.
  • rama
  • ramie The ramie fabric is strong and durable.
  • rime The branches of the trees were covered in rime after a cold winter night.
  • rome She loved Rome, the beautiful, historical city.

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