Correct spelling for GRAPWES'

We think the word grapwes' is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for grapwes'

  • craps He went back to craps and began betting larger amounts.
  • Grapes Devout people, and ignorant, who believed that the little shrines they erected in their vineyards brought blessings upon their grapes, and who knew nothing of the great world beyond, and spoke of Paris with awe, and even a shade of doubt.
  • Grips He went back to the hotel, dressed himself in the best clothes he had, paid his score and packed his grips.
  • gripes He had no regular hot and cold Fits; but every second Day, after a slight Shivering and Cold, he was seized with Gripes and a Purging.
  • grapples "The red hand of heresy grapples white faith by the throat.
  • gropes Not all in a minute; Now it may lose ground, and now it may win it; Now it resolves, and again the will faileth; Now it rejoiceth, and now it bewaileth; Now its hopes fructify, then they are blighted; Now it walks sunnily, now gropes benighted; Fed by discouragements, taught by disaster, So it goes forward, now slower, now faster; Till, all the pain past and failure made whole, It is full grown, and the Lord rules the soul.
  • crapes When our trade was in wealth Our women had health, We silks, rich embroideries and satins, Fine stuffs and good crapes For each ord'nary trapes That is destin'd to hobble in pattins; But now we've a Chince For the wife of a prince, And a butterfly gown for a gay dame, Thin painted old sheets For each trull in the streets To appear like a Callico Madam.
  • grippers Preparing the press; adjustment of bed and cylinder, form rollers, ink fountain, grippers and delivery systems.
  • groupies Everyones a Hero" – Captain Hammer & Groupies "Slipping" – Dr.
  • crappies In 1866 I removed to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where there were thirty lakes within ten miles abounding in black-bass of both species, with pike, rock-bass, crappies, perch, etc. On my home grounds was a large shallow pond fed from Fowler Lake.
  • crepes "And permit me to beg your acceptance of these crepes, a dish peculiar to France and eaten as a matter of custom on Mardi Gras," said M'sieur in his most correct English, producing his plate with a flourish worthy of a head-waiter.
  • gropers These gropers betwixt right and wrong, That seek an unknown goal, Most ignorant, when they seem most strong; What are they, then, O Soul,
  • growers When I arrived, I found him endeavouring, by arguments the most powerful, to shew the injustice of leaving the farmer open to the competition of foreign growers, who could raise the grain at half the expense which must be incurred by the native growers.
  • cripes Cripes, he would show Pinkey which was the better man of the two!

167 words made from the letters grapwes'

3 letter words made from grapwes':

gap, gar, era, pes, 'wa, age, ear, gas, rep, awe, g's, peg, pea, epa, 'er, wag, rag, sap, psa, e's, 're, pas, ras, apr, sew, res, arp, asp, war, raw, a's, p's, w's, paw, pre, saw, ape, sea, spa, 'as, 'ar, gsr, 'ra, sag, esr, per, pew, 'sa, erg, rap, pwr, are, r's, par, sep.

4 letter words made from grapwes':

page, apse, wasp, 'ger, pare, rase, wear, peag, wage, swap, gaps, raps, wrap, aper, 'ars, p'es, rega, warp, r'es, rasp, gasp, gper, spew, paws, sear, wags, arse, pear, gawp, re's, erwa, gear, spar, swag, prew, rape, reap, sage, gape, ages, pews, prae, ares, awes, garw, ware, rage, 'rea, prag, rags, pa's.

5 letter words made from grapwes':

parse, garwe, grasp, pesra, peags, pawer, peras, serag, war's, graps, grape, par's, wager, era's, spear, pesar, sager, rep's, gapes, serga, wag's, asper, warps, reaps, geras, repas, wares, gawps, wraps, grawe, seraw, arges, swear, paser, wears, parge, age's, serpa, wepas, perga, swage, saper, pegar, sewar, wrage, pares, gears, gap's, pager, spreg, asger, preas, sprag, spaer, wages, grews, agers, regas, wars', spare, gesar.

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