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How to spell GRASB correctly?

The misspelling "grasb" can possibly be corrected to "grass" or "grasp". "Grass" refers to a green plant that is commonly found in gardens or fields, while "grasp" means to hold onto something firmly. These correct suggestions can help avoid confusion and miscommunication in written or verbal communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell grasb correctly

  • crab The crab was scuttling across the sandy beach.
  • crass It was a total crass move on his part.
  • grab
  • grabby My cousin is grabby; he's always trying to take my toys.
  • grabs The child quickly grabs a piece of candy from the counter.
  • grace God has shown his great grace by giving us a second chance.
  • grasp I can't seem to grasp this concept.
  • grass I always cut the grass in the morning.
  • grassy The grassy field on the outskirts of town was a beautiful sight.
  • GRAYS The sky turned to grays as the storm began to approach.
  • graze
  • grease Do not use oil or grease on the stovetop.
  • greasy I had to use a lot of soap to wash away the greasy residue on the pan.
  • gris El gato es de color gris.
  • gross Tom's gross food disgusts me.
  • grub I'm starving; let's go find some grub.
  • grus The grus was flying north.

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