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How to spell GREAVING correctly?

The correct term for the misspelling "greaving" is "grieving". Grieving refers to the normal and necessary process of coping with feelings of loss. To avoid confusion, spellcheckers are available that automatically correct such errors. It is also helpful to double-check the spelling before finalizing any written material.

List of suggestions on how to spell greaving correctly

  • bereaving The loss of her mother left her bereaving for months.
  • braving She was braving the storm to go rescue the lost dog from the woods.
  • craving
  • gearing The company is currently gearing up for its busiest season.
  • Gracing The sun shone down upon the blissful gracing of a young couple.
  • grading Grading homework is a difficult task.
  • grating The sound of the grating metal on the roof made me nauseous.
  • Graving During his free time, the artist enjoyed graving unique designs on wooden furniture.
  • graying My father's hair is graying and he wants to dye it black.
  • grazing Cows spend most of their day grazing in the fields.
  • Greasing He was greasing the rusty old gate.
  • grieving He was grieving deeply for his lost sister.
  • grooving The rhythm section was grooving to the music.
  • raving She went into such a raving fit that the doctors had to restrain her.
  • Reeving Reeving the pulley system allowed for easier lifting of the heavy object.

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