Correct spelling for GRETARE

We think the word gretare is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for gretare

  • Crete
  • If they now and then relapsed into inquiries about the laws of crete, they more often discussed positive and scientific theses, and rather resembled our chambers of agriculture than bodies of more learned pretension.

  • Create
  • We might open up the case, and spend a heap of money, and create a great scandal, and be none the better for it afterwards.

  • Grade
  • As the place is so far away, he is going there with his salary raised a grade higher."

  • Creature
  • He must take me for a creature without a will, going about in a dream.

  • Retry
  • The lower courts failed to retry the men within the two years required by arkansas law, and the defense finally gained their release in 1923.

  • Grate
  • Trulie, we are none of us grate hands at the pen; 'tis well i make this my copie-booke.

  • Geared
  • It is as though we thought the machinery of the church would revolve with more energy if geared into the wheels of the working world.

  • Great
  • Why had his emotion been so great?

  • Greater
  • You have done your master a greater service than you thought.

  • Greats
  • Bel paese italy see under foreign greats, chapter 3. also see mel fino, a blend, and bel paese types-french boudanne and german saint stefano.

  • Retro
  • This includes retro- version and retro-flexion.

  • Greeter
  • Bills brain" (october 31, 2002) "the island of skip-along pete" (november 8, 2002) "rockos telethon" (november 15, 2002) "cuddles the safety mascot" (november 22, 2002) "dans crush" (november 29, 2002) "dash the greeter" (december 6, 2002) "cuddles gets laid" (december 13, 2002) "dans umbrella" (december 20, 2002) "mr.

  • Retire
  • The natives seeing this, come down immediately to the shore, and placing a quantity of gold, by way of exchange, retire.

    I'm to young to retire I'm fire

    – Tell The Band by romeo
  • Gretel
  • Five plays about children, for children to play-hansel and gretel, the wishing well, the ring of salt, the moon dream, and puck in petticoats.

  • Grater
  • So mrs. gashly produced the challenge, and having watched miss mapp off to the high street at half-past ten, dominic and gashly went together to her house, to see if withers could supply anything of importance, or, if not, a nutmeg grater.

  • Greta
  • It is true, it was a very rough one, and but little used, but it represented the world to carl and greta.

  • Gerard
  • I don't know what to do with those clothes, gerard, so i think i won't do anything.

  • Retiree
  • On july 22, aquilina delayed to july 29 her hearing on retiree funds request for an order directing orr and snyder to withdraw the bankruptcy filing and desist from any effort to reduce vested pension benefits in the face of their protected status under the michigan constitution.

102 words made from the letters gretare

5 letter words made from gretare:

gater, egert, agere, garre, raree, tegea, traer, retag, geert, garet, arete, rager, grear, teera, gerra, aegre, geter, getae, eager, great, gerea, ragee, eagre, gerar, ratee, regar, etgar, teare, grate, reate, arere, graet, tegra, tager, greet, reger, egret, agree, eater, etage.

3 letter words made from gretare:

err, are, ret, ear, ert, age, eat, teg, tar, ate, eeg, art, erg, gar, tag, era, get, rat, gee, ter, rag, tee, eta, gat, tea.

6 letter words made from gretare:

ergate, greear, garter, taeger, aterre, grater, treger, greate, trager, retear, regret, terrae, garret, regear.

4 letter words made from gretare:

eega, eter, gear, tear, reeg, etre, taee, rare, rete, rate, rear, tare, rega, tree, tera, rage, geta, rege, gate.

7 letter words made from gretare:

tregear, greater, graeter, traeger.