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How to spell GRIVED correctly?

The correct spelling for "grived" could be "grieved". Other possible suggestions are "grooved", "graved" or "grind". However, context is important in determining the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell grived correctly

  • craved After finishing her workout, she craved a cold glass of water.
  • Cried
  • grave The cemetery had rows upon rows of grave markers.
  • graved The word "graved" is the past tense of "engrave" and can be used in the sentence: He graved his initials onto the tree trunk.
  • gravid The gravid mare eagerly awaited the arrival of her foal.
  • greed The CEO's greed led to unethical business practices and ultimately, the downfall of the company.
  • grid I need to line up the grid on the blueprint before I can start marking out the cuts.
  • grief I am still feeling a deep sense of grief over the loss of my grandmother.
  • grieve She needed time to grieve the loss of her grandmother.
  • Grieved I am grieved by the death of my dog.
  • griever The family pet was a griever, a large snake that curled up in a ball as if to protect itself.
  • grimed What looked like dirt was actually dried blood on the grimed wall.
  • Griped The griped individual was angry and determined to get what they wanted.
  • grooved The vinyl record was grooved with the sound of the band's latest album.
  • grove In the grove, the trees grow tall and inky.
  • gyved I have a gyved to clean.
  • Raved The band was amazing, they Raved the night away.
  • rived The river rived through the valley, cutting deep channels into the earth.
  • rivet The engineer used a rivet to secure the two sheets of metal together.
  • Roved The lion roved around the safari park in search of its prey.

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