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How to spell GRIVEING correctly?

"Griveing" is a common misspelling of the word "grieving". To correct this error, one can simply change the incorrect "gr" to the correct "g". By doing so, the word becomes "grieving", which refers to the process of mourning or expressing intense sorrow.

List of suggestions on how to spell griveing correctly

  • driving I enjoy driving on the open road with my windows down and music up.
  • giving Giving back to the community is an important part of my values.
  • Graveling Traffic on the Overseas Highway was very Graveling this morning.
  • Graving Graving is a technique of engraving on wood, stone or metal surfaces.
  • grieving She is still grieving the loss of her beloved dog.
  • grilling We are grilling hamburgers for dinner tonight.
  • griming I am griming the bathroom tiles to get rid of the mildew.
  • grinning As she won the race, she was grinning ear to ear from the excitement.
  • Griping Stop griping about the food and eat what's on your plate.
  • gripping The suspenseful plot of the novel makes it a gripping read from start to finish.
  • Gritting Most people consider gritting their teeth a sign of pain, but I find that it actually relieves a lot of the pressure
  • groveling I refuse to spend my days groveling at the feet of my boss.
  • Riving Construction crews are attempting to control the blaze by riving the floor.

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