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How to spell GROING correctly?

The correct spelling is "growing". It is possible that the word was misspelled due to a typographical error or a lack of attention. Suggestions for avoiding this mistake in the future include double-checking the spelling before submitting written work and using spell-check tools.

List of suggestions on how to spell groing correctly

  • crowing The rooster was crowing loudly, announcing the arrival of dawn.
  • going
  • Gorging After gorging on a large dinner, I felt sick to my stomach.
  • goring The bull was goring the matador with its sharp horns.
  • Gracing The beautiful mural was gracing the wall of the museum.
  • grading The teacher spent all weekend grading papers.
  • grain I picked up a bag of grain at the grocery store.
  • grainy The photo was grainy due to the low light conditions.
  • grating The sound of the grating metal made my skin crawl.
  • Graving Graving is a process of carving or cutting designs into a hard surface.
  • graying I noticed that my hair is graying more every day.
  • grazing
  • griming
  • grin I can't help but grin when I think of the day we met.
  • grind
  • grins She grins at me with her perfect teeth.
  • Griping She was griping about the rainy weather ruining her plans for the day.
  • groan I heard a groan coming from the other room, indicating that the meeting was not going well.
  • groaning The old man stood up from his chair, groaning with pain as he stretched his stiff limbs.
  • grog Before the voyage, Jack gifted Locke with a bottle of grog.
  • groin
  • Groins The doctor recommended that I do exercises to strengthen my groins.
  • grokking I quickly learned to grokking the process.
  • grooming She was getting her grooming done before the ball.
  • grooving The upbeat music had everyone grooving on the dance floor.
  • groping I was groping around in the dark for my tool when I felt his hand on my thigh.
  • grossing The movie was a huge success, grossing over $500 million worldwide.
  • grouping The teacher followed a different grouping strategy this year to help students work together better.
  • grousing Despite his numerous accomplishments, he was always grousing about his life.
  • Grouting This elderly woman was carefully grouting a new patio after the old one caved in.
  • growing The population of the city is growing rapidly due to the new job opportunities.
  • growling The bear was growling loudly as it approached the hikers.
  • grown My little cousin has grown so much taller since the last time I saw him.
  • groyne The rock formation on the shoreline was a gnarled and rugged groyne.
  • ring She wore a ring with a small diamond on her finger.
  • Ruing She was ruing the day she agreed to work with such difficult clients.
  • wring

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