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How to spell GRONED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "groned" include "groaned", meaning to make a low, mournful sound in response to pain or suffering or "ground", referring to the surface or earth beneath our feet. It is essential to proofread all written work before submitting to avoid spelling errors and misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell groned correctly

  • browned The chicken was beautifully browned and crispy on the outside.
  • ConEd The ConEd power company is out in force today.
  • Craned I was craned my neck to see the eclipse.
  • crone The old crone hobbled down the street with her cane, muttering curses under her breath.
  • Crooned
  • crowned
  • Droned He was droned upon by those in attendance.
  • drowned He was drowned trying to save her.
  • frond
  • Frowned
  • Gained My weight has gained significantly over the last year.
  • Ginned I always enjoy a Ginned Earl Grey tea with a twist of lemon.
  • gonad
  • Gored The sheep were Gored by the tiger.
  • gowned The bride was stunning as she walked down the aisle in her beautiful white gowned dress.
  • Grained The furniture was made from high-quality wood that was finely grained.
  • grand The grand entrance to the palace left me in awe.
  • granted I took for granted that the sun will rise again tomorrow.
  • greed She was overcome with greed and killed him.
  • Greened I have greened in my garden.
  • grind I need to grind my coffee beans before I can make a fresh pot of coffee.
  • Grinned I grinned at her as she walked away.
  • Groaned I groaned as the pain in my ankle intensified.
  • groomed groomed for the big day
  • grooved The record had grooved lines that allowed the needle to play the music.
  • Groped She felt violated after she was groped on the subway.
  • grossed
  • ground I need to plant these flowers in the ground.
  • Grounded It's hard to be grounded when you're a superhero.
  • grouped We grouped the books by author.
  • groused He groused about the cold weather all day.
  • Grouted The roof is grouted with rubber roofing material to prevent leaks.
  • Growled The lion growled, threateningly.
  • groyne The bridge was built over the groyne.
  • Grunted I grunted when I pushed the bulky suitcase up the stairs.
  • gunned The dealer expertly gunned the bike for me.
  • ironed
  • krone

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