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How to spell GROWT correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "growt" instead of "growth", there are a few suggestions to correct it. First, replace the "t" with an "h" to form the correct spelling, growth. Second, you can use tools like spell checkers or proofreading software to catch and rectify such errors effectively.

List of suggestions on how to spell growt correctly

  • croat Igor is a Croatian and is proud to be called a Croat.
  • crow A crow landed on the fencepost, cawing loudly.
  • crowd
  • goat
  • Got
  • gout My grandfather suffered from chronic gout and had to strictly watch his diet to avoid flare-ups.
  • great The Great Wall of China is an engineering marvel.
  • greet I always greet my neighbors with a smile and a wave when I see them.
  • Grew
  • grit She had the grit and determination to finish the marathon, despite her exhaustion.
  • groat I had never heard of a groat until my grandma told me about the small, thin strips of oats that are used in porridge.
  • groats I add a spoon of groats to my oatmeal for extra fiber.
  • grotto The sparkling pool was hidden away in a secret grotto behind the waterfall.
  • grotty The motel room looked grotty, with stained carpets and moldy walls.
  • grout I need to apply the grout to the bathroom tiles in order to finish the renovation.
  • grow I am sure that I will grow taller over time.
  • growl
  • grown My nephew has grown taller than me.
  • grows My garden grows well in the summer, but struggles in the winter.
  • growth I hope there is growth in the company in the future.
  • root Please give me the root file of the program.
  • rot The apple began to rot after sitting on the counter for too long.
  • rout The heavily-favored basketball team suffered a shocking rout in the championship game.

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