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How to spell GRUGS correctly?

If you made the common typo "grugs" instead of "drugs", fear not! Here are some possible suggestions to rectify this mistake: "drugs" (the intended word), "grubs" (a type of insect larvae), "grigs" (cricket-like insects), "grungy" (describing something dirty or unkempt) or "grunts" (low, rumbling sounds). Remember to proofread to avoid such errors!

List of suggestions on how to spell grugs correctly

  • crags I was relieved to reach the safety of the crags.
  • Drugs I don't use drugs.
  • GAGS The comedian had the audience laughing uncontrollably with his clever gags.
  • gauges I need to set the gauges on my car.
  • GIGS Since graduation I've been saving up for a GIGS of debt.
  • gouges The furniture had deep gouges in the wood from years of wear and tear.
  • Greg Greg is a kind and generous person.
  • gris
  • grog I'm going to have a mug of grog for breakfast.
  • grubs I am going to get a bag of grubs for my garden.
  • grudge I have a grudge against her for ruining my favorite shirt.
  • grudges Holding grudges can lead to negative emotions and conflicts that could have been avoided.
  • grus The grus was an unusual bird with a long neck and short wings.
  • gurus Many people seek advice from self-proclaimed gurus on social media, but it is important to be careful and evaluate their expertise.
  • rags The beggar on the street was adorned in tattered rags that barely provided him with warmth.
  • RIGS The offshore drilling rigs were damaged during the hurricane.
  • rugs I need to vacuum the rugs in the living room before our guests arrive.

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