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How to spell GRUILING correctly?

If you've been misspelling "gruiling", fret not! The correct spelling is "grueling", meaning extremely tiring or demanding. To avoid future errors, try breaking it down as "gru-el-ing" or remember that it derives from "gruel", a thin and watery porridge historically associated with hardship.

List of suggestions on how to spell gruiling correctly

  • grilling I am looking forward to grilling some burgers for dinner tonight.
  • griming I can't stand griming the stove; it's such a tedious task.
  • Griping Stop griping about the weather, we can't control it.
  • growling The sound of growling from her stomach indicated that she was hungry.
  • grueling This hike was grueling.
  • gruelling This is a gruelling workout.
  • Gulling He was gulling her with his lies.
  • railing The children played on the railing by the stairs.
  • Riling The speaker seemed very riling when she spoke about her dissatisfaction with the situation.
  • roiling The storm caused the sea to become roiling and dangerous for the small boat to navigate.
  • ruling The Supreme Court's ruling is final and binding.

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