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How to spell GUIES correctly?

If you ever mistype "guies" but meant to type "guys", fear not! Autocorrect can sometimes be your best friend. The suggested corrections usually include "guise" or "guides". So, whether you're referring to a deceptive appearance or seeking helpful advice, autocorrect has got your back!

List of suggestions on how to spell guies correctly

  • Cues She cues the ball ahead of her and then snaps it towards the net.
  • curies The amount of radiation in the laboratory was measured in curies.
  • cuties I bought a bag of cuties from the grocery store for a quick and healthy snack.
  • Gaines Gaines is my last name.
  • gauges The car's gauges were quickly filling with water.
  • GEES The sound of gees honking filled the air as they flew overhead.
  • genies There are magical genies living inside various lamps.
  • gibes The comedian's gibes at the political candidate were met with outrage from some audience members.
  • GIGS I always have gigs to go to.
  • Giles Giles met his wife, Celia, at a Giles Brown concert.
  • GINS I enjoy mixing gins to make unique and flavorful cocktails.
  • GITS The band Gits was originally from Birmingham.
  • Gives
  • Glues
  • goes
  • gouges The deep gouges on the wooden table were a result of the children's rough play.
  • gris
  • guess I can't guess what got into him.
  • guest The hotel staff welcomed the guest with a smile as they checked in.
  • gui The developers created a user-friendly gui for their new software.
  • guide We traveled with a guide to help us see the local wildlife.
  • guides The tour guides led us through the historic site, sharing fascinating stories along the way.
  • guile The spy used his guile to deceive the enemy and extract confidential information.
  • guineas I spent all my guineas on purchasing the antique clock.
  • guise He tried to hide his true intentions under the guise of friendship.
  • guises He appeared in different guises throughout the play.
  • Gullies The hillsides have many gullies, which makes it easy to find your way.
  • gums
  • Guns The government is looking at stricter laws for the purchase and use of guns.
  • Guppies Guppies are small, brightly colored freshwater fish native to Central and South America.
  • Gus My best friend Gus died.
  • gushes The fountain gushes water from its center.
  • guts She had the guts to stand up to the bully and defend herself.
  • guys Hey guys, let's go grab some pizza!
  • juices She purchased a juicer to make fresh juices every morning.
  • Julies
  • Juries Juries are an essential component of the legal system and ensure fair trials.
  • QUES
  • quiets The sound of the quiets movements of the cat intrigued me.
  • quires Can you please bring me a couple of quires of paper?

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