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How to spell GUINE correctly?

If you meant to type "guine" but realized it's misspelled, don't fret! Possible correct suggestions could be "guinea", referring to the small African mammal or "guile", meaning cunning or deceit. Alternatively, you might have intended to type "going" or "genu", depending on the context. Double-check your intended word to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell guine correctly

  • beguine The beguine was wearing a lace veil.
  • equine Blazing a trail at breakneck speed, the equine galloped across the clearing.
  • gain I have been working hard to gain more experience in my field.
  • Gained I've gained 10 pounds in the past few weeks.
  • gainer She was a gainer in the stock market, making a fortune in just a few years.
  • Gaines The Gaines family is one of the most prominent families in the area.
  • gamine The gamine girl had the most striking green eyes.
  • gene
  • genuine This is a genuine leather case.
  • gin
  • Gina
  • Gino
  • GINS Gins is the perfect drink for a hot day.
  • Gluing
  • going
  • gone
  • grin The toddler had a huge grin on his face when he saw his mother.
  • guanine A mutation in guanine can cause cancer.
  • guano The bird was spotted landing on a tree in broad daylight with a Guano sack slung over its back.
  • gui I tried to open the program, but it required a GUI.
  • guiana French Guiana is an overseas region of France located in South America.
  • guide This guide provides instructions on how to use the software.
  • guile His guile allowed him to deceive his opponent and win the match.
  • guinde
  • guinea I only have a fifty-cent piece, but I can get a guinea at thestore.
  • guinean I have a Guinean friend who always tells me fascinating stories about her country.
  • guineas I have five guineas.
  • guise He appeared in the guise of a helpful neighbor, but his intentions were not pure.
  • gun Gun control is something that needs to be discussed more.
  • gunge I got gunge all over my clothes from the playground.
  • gunk I have a lot of gunk on my hands.
  • gunned The suspects had gunned down the security guard before entering the bank.
  • gunnel The cabin had a narrow gunnel down which she could crawl.
  • gunner A gunner is someone who operates a gun.
  • gunny I was going to the store, but I forgot my gunny sack.
  • Guns Guns have been a source of controversy and debate for many years.
  • gurney A gurney is used to transport a patient from one area to another.
  • Guying I saw a group of workers guying the construction scaffolding for safety.
  • june June is my favorite month for hiking in the mountains.
  • kine
  • quin
  • quince The quince is a fruit that is tart and typically has a slightly sweet flavor.
  • quine A quine is a sentence that is neither true nor false.
  • Quinn She is a curious Quinn.

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