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How to spell GUINING correctly?

Assuming the word meant to be "gaining", some possible correct suggestions include correcting the spelling to "gaining" or using a synonym such as "acquiring", "earning" or "attaining". It's also possible that "guining" was a misspelling of a different word, in which case context is important to determine the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell guining correctly

  • Coining The process of coining new words increases exponentially with the rise of technology.
  • cunning The cat's cunning plan to catch the bird was successful.
  • Gaining Gaining weight after the holidays is something many people experience.
  • Ginning The cotton plantation had several large machines for ginning the picked cotton.
  • gowning She wore a gowning for the ball.
  • grinning She was grinning from ear to ear after receiving the good news.
  • guanine The guanine molecule is a part of the DNA molecule.
  • guiding The teacher was guiding the students in the right direction to complete the project.
  • Gunning He had a gunning look in his eye.
  • joining I will be joining my new company next week.
  • quinine Quinine is still used today to treat certain illnesses such as malaria.
  • ruining He is ruining his future by not studying.

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