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How to spell GUITY correctly?

If you meant "guilty", the correct spelling, here are some suggestions: guilty, quilt, gilt, quit, gait, gift, gut, guy, goth, glut, guitar or gush. Double-check the context to ensure the correct word is used.

List of suggestions on how to spell guity correctly

  • acuity His visual acuity was so sharp that he was able to spot the tiny details in the painting.
  • equity The company needs to show equity on its balance sheet by reporting its assets minus its liabilities.
  • gaiety The colorful balloons and streamers of the party added to the gaiety of the celebration.
  • gait His gait was awkward as he tried to walk in the new pair of shoes.
  • getty
  • Git My coworker uses Git to manage version control in our software development project.
  • Gite
  • GITS I am going to GitS tonight.
  • gouty My grandfather's swollen and tender toe was diagnosed as gouty arthritis by the doctor.
  • grit I cannot seem to shake the grit from my socks.
  • gritty The gritty texture of the sand got stuck in my shoes.
  • gui
  • guide After the tour guide showed us around the museum, she offered to be our personal guide through the city.
  • guilt I feel a lot of guilt about not visiting my grandmother in the hospital.
  • guilty
  • guitar I am going to learn how to play guitar.
  • gust I had a gust of wind knock me over.
  • gusty There was a gusty wind outside.
  • gut I have a gut feeling that he was lying to me.
  • guts He had the guts to stand up for what was right even when it meant going against his friends.
  • gutsy Her gutsy move paid off when she won the competition.
  • Gutty The gutty entrepreneur never gave up on their business idea, even when everyone else doubted them.
  • guy Guy looks like he needs a good wash.
  • quit
  • quite I'm quite sure that I've seen that guy before.
  • quito

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