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How to spell GURLE correctly?

If you meant to type "gurle" but ended up with a misspelling, here are some possible corrections: "girl", "gruel", "gurgle", "grape", "garble". Double-check the context to determine which word fits best. Remember to proofread to avoid such mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell gurle correctly

  • bugle
  • burgle
  • burl My dad has a burl wood desk he uses for his work.
  • curdle I accidentally added lemon juice to my milk and watched it curdle before my eyes.
  • cure
  • curl I always curl my hair before a big event.
  • curled The baby curled up in her mother's arms.
  • curler I couldn't find my curler this morning, so my hair is a mess.
  • curlew The Curlew is the national bird of Canada.
  • curls She loves to wear her hair in loose curls.
  • curly
  • furl I watched the sailor furl the sails as the ship began to approach the harbor.
  • gable The gable of the house was covered in shingles.
  • gale Today the wind is in the gale.
  • garble It was difficult to understand what he was saying because of the garble in his voice.
  • gargle
  • Gayle I am so glad that my friend Gayle is coming to the party with us.
  • Gere Gere didn't know what to say.
  • girdle My waist is so small that I need to wear a girdle to keep my pants from falling down.
  • girl The girl was walking her dog in the park.
  • girls
  • girly I don't think girly is a word.
  • gore The horror movie was full of gratuitous gore.
  • gourde I filled up my gourde with gasoline.
  • guild In order to join a guild, you must first be approved by the guild master.
  • guile I used guile to get what I wanted.
  • guilt She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt after realizing her actions had caused harm to others.
  • gulf The gulf between me and my family is widening.
  • gull The gull swooped down and grabbed the fish out of the water.
  • Gulled The politician tried to gulled the public by making false promises.
  • gullet The fish's throat was so long and slender, it looked as if it had been gouged out by a massive gullet
  • gulls I am always happy when I see gulls flying in the sky.
  • gully The gully was narrow and deep.
  • gulp I had to gulp down my coffee quickly before running out the door.
  • gurgle
  • gurney The injured player was taken off the field on a gurney.
  • guru I learned more about self-care from my guru than from any other person.
  • guzzle I need to drink some water to calm my throat; I will guzzle some afterwards.
  • hurl The angry protester decided to hurl insults at the politicians.
  • hurler I know a hurler who can throw a stone further than you.
  • Hurley The wreckage of the Hurley yacht was found 100 miles off the coast of New Zealand.
  • mule
  • pule
  • purl I use the purl stitch on knit stitches to make a fabric that is less prone to pulling apart.
  • rule It's against the rule to play in the pool during class.
  • url Please enter the URL of the website you want to visit.
  • yule Christmas comes early this year with Yule.

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