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How to spell HABIS correctly?

The correct suggestion for the misspelling "habis" could be "hobbies". It is a common mistake due to the similar pronunciation. However, understanding the context of the sentence is crucial for accurate correction. Checking the surrounding word choices and intended meaning can help determine the appropriate suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell habis correctly

  • ABS The car's ABS system kicked in and prevented a collision.
  • Babies Babies are innocent and helpless creatures who need their mother's care.
  • Bis Bis gleich - see you soon.
  • cabs
  • dabs He takes a few quick dabs at his eyes before anyone can see the tears.
  • gabs She gabs nonstop about her favorite TV show.
  • HaaS HaaS stands for Hardware as a Service, a model in which hardware is leased on a monthly or annual basis rather than being purchased outright.
  • haber
  • habit
  • Habits Some people are good at breaking bad habits and some people are good at forming good habits.
  • haggis I tried haggis for the first time while visiting Scotland.
  • HAGS The hags were completely mad.
  • hails Despite the hails, the football game continued as scheduled.
  • Hairs I always get hairs in my food whenever I eat outside, it's very unpleasant.
  • Hals
  • hams I love to make sandwiches with honey glazed hams.
  • Hans My Hans is very helpful.
  • Harbin The city of Harbin is located in the Heilongjiang province in the northeast of China.
  • harris
  • Has She has three cats as pets.
  • hats I have a collection of hats that I like to wear on different occasions.
  • Haws
  • hays The farmer stored the bundles of hays in the barn for the winter.
  • His His eyes sparkled with joy when he saw her walking towards him.
  • hobbs
  • Hobos The hobos are long gone, but their legacy lives on in the way we treat the homeless.
  • HOBS My mom's kitchen is full of HOBS of different sizes and shapes.
  • hubris His hubris often got in the way of his success, as he refused to take advice or criticism from others.
  • hubs I always clean the hubs of my stovetop when I make breakfast.
  • ibis Ibis are often seen in the Nile Delta.
  • JABS My dad used to do a lot of jabs but he's retired now.
  • LABS The scientists are conducting experiments in the labs to develop a new vaccine.
  • nabs
  • OBIS "I am using OBIS lasers in my research to explore the effects of different wavelengths on cellular activity.
  • Rabbis The Rabbis at the synagogue delivered a moving sermon on forgiveness.
  • rabies Rabies is a deadly virus that affects the nervous system of mammals, including humans.
  • tabs I have so many tabs open in my web browser that my computer is running slow.

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