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How to spell HABLE correctly?

The correct spelling of "hable" is actually "able". This common misspelling might occur due to the similar pronunciation. However, it is always advisable to double-check your spelling before submitting any written work. Proofreading or using spell-checking tools can help eliminate such errors and enhance linguistic accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell hable correctly

  • able She was able to complete the project on time thanks to her efficient time management.
  • Abler My brother is abler than me when it comes to fixing electronic devices.
  • ably
  • babble The child's incessant babble drove his parents crazy.
  • bale
  • bauble
  • cable
  • dabble
  • doable I think doing this is doable.
  • fable
  • gabble
  • gable The gable end of the house has a small porch.
  • garble Garble meant to confuse or to made speech difficult to understand.
  • haber Haber is a verb that means "to have" in English.
  • hackle The hackle on the door was broken.
  • haggle I always try to haggle with street vendors in order to get a better price.
  • hail The hail storm destroyed many of the crops in the field.
  • Hal I have a Hal for a best friend.
  • hale Despite his old age, the hale farmer still tends to his crops daily.
  • haler
  • haley Haley is my best friend and we've known each other since kindergarten.
  • hall The hall is packed with people.
  • halley
  • Hallie My best friend from high school is Hallie.
  • halo The angel's halo shone brightly in the sunlight.
  • Harley Harley Davidson is a popular brand of motorcycle.
  • hassle Dealing with bureaucracy can be a huge hassle.
  • haul I'm going to haul the groceries into the house.
  • hauler The new truck was a huge hauler.
  • hebe The hebe blazed a trail in the garden.
  • hobble She had to hobble down the stairs after spraining her ankle.
  • hole I'm going to try to find the hole in the wall.
  • hoyle
  • hubble The Hubble Space Telescope has made many groundbreaking discoveries about the universe.
  • humble Despite his success, he remained humble and always expressed gratitude and appreciation for his opportunities.
  • labile The labile person is always changing their opinions.
  • liable If you break the rules, you are liable to face consequences.
  • Mable My aunt Mable is a retired schoolteacher.
  • marble The countertop was made of beautiful white marble.
  • rabble Many in the rabble were unhappy with the new ruler.
  • sable The sable mammal is capable of spotting prey in the dark.
  • table The table is too heavy to lift.
  • viable The new business plan seems viable and has the potential to succeed.
  • warble The warble of a sparrow was delightful.

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