Correct spelling for HAD1

We think the word had1 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for had1

  • bad Is it so bad?
  • cad "I am the cad," I replied.
  • chad So one day"-here the Colonel's voice dropped to a tone of grave importance-"one day-Mammy Henny-that's the wife of Chad over there by the table, crep' up behind this wicked, sassy little turkey, when he was swellin' around so big he couldn't see his feet, and she grabbed him by the neck and two legs, and befo' he knew where he was, plump he went into a big coop, and the door was shut tight.
  • dad "Welcome me home, Dad," he said, a quiver in his strong voice.
  • fad It was there that he perfected the peculiar vertical style of writing which, beginning with him in telegraphy, later became so much of a fad with teachers of penmanship and in the schools.
  • gad Gad, I warrant you she won't let him come near her after Mr Tattle.
  • ha Gideon going to be national leader; ha!
  • hag Until the hag summons thee, or I, by writing or by word of mouth, relieve thee of thy trust."
  • haj The old gentleman produced witnesses that all Jerbini belonged to him, or are under his protection, and as Haj Ibrahim is a native of Jerbah, he claimed the rich merchant.
  • ham Here's enough to feed a family Captain Charron has throwed by-bread, and good mutton, and pretty near half a ham, and a bottle or so of thin nasty foreign wine.
  • han The Pho will be tranquil in their kingdom, and the Han will be joyful in their empire.
  • hand "But," cried Judith, putting her hand on his arm in her eagerness, "something must be done.
  • hap The countess thought that this note was very cold and formal, and would be altogether conclusive; but, nevertheless, at about eleven o'clock that night there came another messenger from Hap House with another letter, saying that Owen would be at Desmond Court at two o'clock on the following day.
  • hard This hard-heartedness in Lottie gave me something like hope-the girl was sharp and courageous.
  • hat Up went the hands, back went the hat, the door was jerked open, a man whirled out of the door as if he had been a whirlwind, up the trail, up over the stones and snow and logs.
  • haw But the word "haw" is misapplied, because it really means a "hedge," and not a fruit; whilst "hips," which are popularly connected with "haws," are the fruit-capsules of the wild Dog-rose.
  • hay I followed his advice the very next day, and was very well received, for his excellency immediately ordered a squad of men to go to the island and bring large quantities of hay to Corfu.
  • head Biterolf shook his head.
  • hod And while another stone Swings to its socket, haste with trowel and hod!
  • hud Hud. Not so. I meant to save you, But Hernda spiked my train.
  • lad The lad grinned cheerfully.
  • mad I must have been mad!
  • pad The non-com merely sighed, picked up his pad of forms, and began his questions.
  • rad All he asks is just to see Uncle Rad personally, to feel that he has kindred in the world.
  • sad But he looked so sad, so unlike himself, that I wanted to rouse him.
  • shad "Al's right, Doc," said the Tennessee Shad, entering the discussion.
  • tad Tad, however, soon grew tired of being on watch himself, and went to bed, when his recruits were quietly relieved from duty, and there was no guard over the President's house that night.
  • wad
  • Had Had the Vards bewitched him?
  • Has He has got to Lagnicourt."
  • Hid And likewise, in this place and that, there were snakes; but none to come anigh to me; and I to choose alway the open goings; for I did think there to be many hid snakes and lesser monsters in the dark places between the great boulders.
  • Hal Hal tossed her head.
  • Thad It was plain to be seen that Thad was laboring under considerable excitement.
  • he'd Guess he just is, and no mistake: if we hadn't helped him, he'd have done the job for himself!
  • unamazing

3 words made from the letters had1

3 letter words made from had1:

hd1, dah, adh.

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