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How to spell HAINGER correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "hainger", there are several potential correct suggestions. It's likely that "hanger" is what you intended to write, referring to a device used for hanging clothes. Alternatively, "hangar" refers to a large building where aircraft are stored or "hunger" relates to the feeling of needing food.

List of suggestions on how to spell hainger correctly

  • finger She felt a sharp pain in her finger when she accidentally slammed it in the car door.
  • gainer As you steadily increased your weight lifting, you became a gainer of significant muscle mass.
  • ginger I love the taste of ginger in my stir-fry dishes.
  • hairier She had hairier arms than I did.
  • hangar The airplane was stored in the hangar for the night.
  • hanger I need to buy a new hanger for my coat.
  • hanker I hanker for a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day.
  • harbinger I feel like a harbinger of doom.
  • Haunter The haunter stalked the dark corners of the castle.
  • hinder I hinder her from going to the party.
  • hinge Please hinge the door shut.
  • Hinged The gate was hinged to the wooden fence post.
  • hinges Jane has her fingers crossed that the hinges will hold up this time.
  • hunger She felt a gnawing hunger in her stomach after skipping breakfast.
  • linger I can't help but linger in the park after work on a warm summer evening.
  • mainer As a Mainer, she knew all the best lobster spots in town.
  • Rainier Rainier is the name of a mountain peak in the state of Washington.
  • ringer I'm getting a new ringer for my phone.
  • singer The singer's voice was so beautiful that the audience was in awe.
  • Whinger I cannot believe that he would pick such a whinger to be his assistant.
  • winger The winger made a great cross to set up the winning goal.
  • wringer I need a wringer for this load of laundry.
  • zinger She couldn't resist dropping a zinger in his conversation.

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