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How to spell HALFS correctly?

The correct spelling of "halfs" would be "halves". This spelling is applied when referring to plural halves, such as when talking about two equal parts of something. Other possible suggestions could include using the singular form "half" or rephrasing the sentence to avoid using the word "halfs" altogether.

List of suggestions on how to spell halfs correctly

  • hails The champion hails from Brazil.
  • hales The driver hales from a small town in rural Nebraska.
  • half I ate half of the pizza and saved the other half for later.
  • halls The sound of footsteps echoed through the empty halls.
  • Halos The angels in the painting had golden halos surrounding their heads.
  • Hals I barked at the hals of the dog next to me.
  • halts The construction work halts every afternoon for the workers' lunch break.
  • Halves I ate two halves of the cake.
  • Hauls She always hauls a lot of groceries every time she comes back from the supermarket.
  • heals Dr. Klein heals people with her optimistic attitude.
  • HOLS "I'm looking forward to going on hols next month to relax on the beach.

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