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How to spell HALLF correctly?

If you meant to type "hallf" but ended up with a misspelling, the correct suggestion would be "half". This word refers to one of two equal parts of something or a 50% portion. Double-check your spelling to ensure clear and accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell hallf correctly

  • calf I saw a farmer feeding milk to a calf on the farm yesterday.
  • hail The hail storm destroyed most of the crops in the fields.
  • hails The crowd hails the arrival of the rockstar.
  • Hal I put Hal in the trash can.
  • halal
  • hale I need to hale a bucket of water.
  • Haled The horse was haled to a stop by the reins.
  • haler "Is this your Haler?
  • hales Every winter, the hales damage the rooftops of many houses in our town.
  • haley Haley is a very common name for girls.
  • half I ate half of my sandwich for lunch.
  • hall There is a beautiful chandelier hanging in the hall of the mansion.
  • halley The Halley Comet is now being observed again after its 1986 flyby.
  • Hallie
  • halloo As he approached his friend's house, he gave a loud halloo to let him know he was there.
  • hallow All Hallow's Eve is a night of spooky fun!
  • halls
  • halo Though not obligatory, most animal trainers place a halo around the head of their animals to signify they are under the trainer's
  • halon Due to the negative environmental impact of halon, it has been banned in many countries.
  • Halos In Greek mythology, halos are depicted as a crown or ornament worn by gods and goddesses.
  • Hals
  • halt The police officer yelled for the car to halt when it ran a red light.
  • halve I need to halve this recipe because I don't have enough ingredients.
  • haul I am going to haul all of this trash to the curb.
  • Hauls The man hauls the suitcase back to the car.
  • hello
  • hill I love hiking up the steep hill to get to the beautiful view at the top.
  • hills The hills provide a natural barrier between the city and the countryside.
  • hilly The hilly terrain made it difficult for the cyclist to maintain their speed.
  • holly The holly bush was covered in bright red berries.
  • hull I heard a loud bang and saw the boat hull fall into the water.
  • hulls I'm going to inspect the hulls of the ships.

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