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How to spell HAMPERD correctly?

"Hampered" is the correct spelling. It may have been misspelled due to typos or auto-correct errors. To avoid such errors, one can double-check their spelling, use a spell-check feature or ask someone else to proofread their work.

List of suggestions on how to spell hamperd correctly

  • Camped We camped near the river and spent the whole weekend fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Champed I champed on my gum so much that I had to spit it out before it lost its flavor.
  • Damped The vibrations of the machine were damped by the application of strategically placed weights.
  • hammed The hammed hamster looked very content eating his lunch.
  • Hammered
  • hamper I didn't have the strength to carry the heavy hamper up the stairs.
  • Hampered The heavy rain hampered our efforts to set up the tent for the camping trip.
  • hampers The lack of clear communication hampers progress in achieving our goals.
  • Harped The musician harped on her favorite tune for hours.
  • humped The camel's back was humped from the weight of the heavy load it was carrying.
  • Tamped I have some popcorn that needs to be tamped down.
  • Vamped She vamped up her performance with a dramatic entrance and flashy costume.

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